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  1. tkD

    Happy 4th of July!

    Happy 4th of July to all the american brothers on this forum! My favorite country on Earth since I was a little kid lol. :unitedstates::headbang::usa2:
  2. philosopher

    Mobility exercises

    Some usefull excercises :icon_lol:
  3. El Freako

    The 10 Manliest Exercises

    From T-nation... How manly is your workout? How many of these exercises do you include with regularity? Despite the disclaimer he made at the end are there any glaring omissions you can see or exercises that don't deserve their place? Discuss Beetches.
  4. F

    Your favorite hamstring exercises

    Hey boys As the headline says, what is your fav. hammie exercise? I truly love the romanian deadlift - but I'm starting to look for substitutes (:
  5. MaxSteel

    triceps exercises: presses vs extensions

    hey guys...what are better for building better triceps : extensions or presses.. i have been using both lately but m having a tuff tym gettin the form rite as i go heavy using extensions... so just curious how important is it to have extensions in trainning...and how to really target the long...
  6. Ironslave

    Israel exercises right to defend itself.....

    By literally tieing a 13 year old boy to the windshield of their car and using him as a human shield. Where's Bulkboy for comments?
  7. Fatality

    Muscle Stimulation Study Using EMG: Which Exercises Work?

    I'm not sure if this was posted already, but if it was I'm truely sorry. Electromyographical (EMG) Research is an essential research tool allowing physiologists to determine the role of muscles during specific movements. EMG is a scientific method of measuring the level of excitation. This is...
  8. A

    Smolov jr for bench - selecting exercises

    Hi everyone, I've done a bit of searching here on the forum and I've found a few threads about the Smolov Jr routine for benching. What I haven't been able to find, though, is what the rest of the routine should look like. The benching is crystal clear obviously since I have the spreadsheet...
  9. D

    Help with Back Width & Thickness Exercises

    Hi everyone, Hope everyone is doing well, Im interested to know what are good exercises for the following body parts, Back width Back thickness im currently training them on two different days Wednesday and a friday thanks:tiphat:
  10. T

    Best exercises for building gigantic traps

    Im looking for the best way to build huge traps. Ive been dong shoulder shrugs alot and havnt seen amazing results. Do i need to be patience or is there anyother great exercises to build traps.