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anabolic raws

  1. M

    So I want to make a diet...

    Hey guys, I was thinking about basic rules of dieting. I heard 4 hundred times you should eat (aprox.) 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight dayle, assuming you're not a fat ass. I'm 82-83kg (180-182 pounds) so I need to eat, let's say, 180 grams of protein each day. Ok. I also heard 2...
  2. Big VIC

    U.S., Russia make breakthrough on nuclear arms

    WASHINGTON — The United States and Russia reached a breakthrough agreement Wednesday for a historic treaty to reduce the nuclear arsenals of the former Cold War rivals, the most significant pact in a generation and an important milestone in the decadeslong quest to lower the risk of global...
  3. Big VIC

    Man gets jail for duct-taping girlfriend’s mouth to make her listen

    Man gets jail for duct-taping girlfriends mouth to make her listen | Guyism Fighting with someone you care about can be a difficult situation; it often feels as though neither person is really listening to the other. But here’s one solution that has been legally been proven not to work...
  4. D

    Mr Olympia: Make your own Top 10 Line up

    As the thread titles states. Pick your own top 10 Put together a list of bodybuilders you would like to see on stage together all at their best. like an all-star line up example; coleman cutler flex shawn ray kai greene markus ruhl etc etc..
  5. BethMarieMD

    My first post, hope to make new friends

    Hi, my name is Beth and this is my first post here so I hope to make new friends. This forum seems to be very interesting with some interesting people, maybe I can chat with some of you. I'm 22 yrs old, no kids and going to school to be a nurse. I have 1 more year to go and I'll be happy when...
  6. shivsiddh

    10 Workout Mistakes People Make

    I came across this article, and i thought it was decent and that i should share it 10 Workout mistakes: We’re all guilty of slacking off from time to time, whether at work, at home or in fantasy football (well, probably more the first two; that last one is meant to illustrate how detrimental...
  7. Big VIC

    The 10 Biggest Mistakes you can make with you Bodybuilding Diet

    By Chris Aceto This article was featured in Flex Magazine, July 1997 issue. For more information on how to subscribe to Flex, please take a look at our Magazine section. Success leaves clues. Ask any top professionals, including bodybuilders, "How can I maximize my progress?" and the...
  8. D

    Which Bodybuilder would you like to see make a Come Back???

    Which Bodybuilder would you like to see make a Come Back??? regardless of the synthol in flex i would like to see him make a comeback to stage and kevin levrone
  9. D

    Make Your Dream Supplement Stash

    Make Your Dream Supplement Stash we all love buying supplements, trying new ones and stocking up for the future intake of them, then it all comes down to having enough money to buy what you want, Game rules; No money limit supplement stash can be as big as you want Can only contain 1 of each...
  10. D

    Make A Fist...

    Make a fist with your left hand. make sure your thumb is inside the fist. Squeeze tightly. While still holding the fist , with your right hand put your finger in your mouth as far as you can. you now noticed you have no gag reflex. Now your girlfriend/wife wont ever have that excuse " I have...
  11. The Creator

    haha e-mail to make you lol

    Just got this e-mail from an old friend I ran into downtown the other night. What you guys think????? Hey mike its **********. I ran in to you last weekend man. You look good. Just wanted to wager you a bet $1000 cold hard cash. Me, you and a panel of judges to see who is the most symmetrical...
  12. FlexFan

    Should they make the double glute-hamstring overhead pose a mandatory?

    It gives a look of your physique from a different angle...
  13. Zigurd

    5 Real Life Soldiers Who Make Rambo Look Like a Pussy

    I wonder how they could walk with a pair of balls so enormous. http://www.cracked.com/article_17019_5-real-life-soldiers-who-make-rambo-look-like-pussy.html
  14. theweapon

    How to make your own gear?

    im trying to learn how to make my own stuff, to avoid being over charged for fake gear. ive been reading on other sites. has anyone made their own gear on here? if so, what did you make? and how did it go for you?
  15. D

    Things That make You go Argghh!!!

    Some of these are funny & stupid but regardless i'll still post them for the laughs :keke: I'll Post more ASAP
  16. DCuts85

    Make 10 Dollars

    Okay, I live in Seattle. Seattle is full of hippies. I chew tobacco. Hippies Don't. Therefore, I am limited to a poor poor selection of chewing tobacco at stores. Where you come in... I was in North Carolina the other day for training and tried a type of tobacco called "Plug". It was orgasmic...
  17. P

    Life is Short, Make the most of it..

    Life is serious business. ulgY9rxzgXg
  18. P

    Things that make you feel good?

    Apart from drugs,alcohol and touching yourself.
  19. jnutz19

    Make my lats poke out. HOW?

    I have been trying to get my lats good but no matter what i do they dont seem to get any better. Any suggestions or routines that work. any comments would really help. thanks
  20. P

    Make your own protein mix CHEAP as HELL

    You gotta check this out Im excited as hell I just found out about it. A friend just told me about this website and I had to let yall know. You can make your own custom protein they have 20 different kinds you can mix all the different ones you want as well as add amino's vitamins and anything...