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  1. TalkAdmin

    10 time Mr. universe, Sazali Samad bodybuilding Profile

    Datuk Sazali Abdul Sama was born in Datuk Sazali Abdul Sama on 08/10/1967. He is a Police Sun Inspector and has 3 sons and a daughter. Sazali started training sazali is Jahafar Tun Abdul Rahim, Mohd Salim Mat Salleh and Buda Anchah in 2007 for the SEO games in Korat. Sazali Samad has had am...
  2. TalkAdmin

    Can bodybuilding Save Your Life?

    50 year old bodybuilder, David Prescott was diagnosed with liver cancer 4 years ago. He had tumors in his liver and intestines! He was in the hospital and lost 27 lbs and half his liver was removed! he also had 57 staples holding his body together. He said bodybuilding is what gave him the...
  3. kamalagsam

    decrease body fat %

    hi every one I weight 95 kg and my body fat 20% and my goal is 75 kg I want to know how many months ? to reach goal and decrease my body fat to 5% only how many months I will need (3 or 2 or 1) ? diet : 240 g protien 150 g carb 20 g fat note : I have average...
  4. PorcoDio

    Italian body builders amazing

  5. F

    Commercial Clip Ronny Rockel - Best Body Nutrition

  6. P

    Body Fat testing

    What's the most accurate way to measure body-fat at home?
  7. l12l21l2012l

    body vibration machine

    im thinking to get one like this! does it really tone the body and relax muscles?
  8. A

    Re: Body Building Exercise Benefits

    Re: Body Building Exercise Benefits Here are some benefits of Bodybuilding: 1. It strengthens the muscles. 2. It increases the body’s flexibility. 3. It increases resistance to injury. 4. It increases bone mass and mobility. 5. It helps reduce the risk of heart disease and lowers the levels of...
  9. P

    How to break your body

    This guy shows you. t7gb_W5aT8I
  10. HeavyWeight_86

    Italian Body Builder Alessandro Savi

    Height: 5' Weight: 225 lbs(Contest Weight) Contest Bio: NABBA Mr. Universe Pro 2008 Overall Winner and recently won the 2009 IFBB Italy Amateur NOC in the Superheavyweight class, which qualified him for the 2010 Arnold Classic Amateur. Pics: 2008 Nabba Pro Universe 2009 IFBB Italy NOC Amateur...
  11. robert.gaskins4

    Cheat your body into working more for less – II

    Last time, I discussed how speed training and density workouts could help you gain muscle mass in a shorter time. In this post, I will show you exercises to pull heavy weights and focus on a particular area for maximum output. Sets of 1.5 As I mentioned in my previous blog, compound exercises...
  12. robert.gaskins4

    Cheat your body into working more for less – I

    We often feel the need to get out of the rut and take up new challenges. This keeps us on the edge. Similarly, bodybuilders juggle intensity and frequency of workouts to maximize muscle growth. Here are some tricks that trainers use to split the barrier of routine and challenge themselves off...
  13. Zigurd

    Can I do just ATG squats for lower body ?

    I am currently doing my full body routine and I feel squats are superior to anything I throw in after them. Can I just up the sets of squats and do just that for lower body ? Let's say 7-10x5-10 of squats depending if it's heavy or light day. I am doing them with perfect form and ass to grass...
  14. Zigurd

    Help with full body routine.

    Things to consider: -I'd be in a bulk -I'd be sleeping very well. -I'd be doing this routine 3-4 times per week. Squats - 5x5 Lunges - 3x5 Weighted pull-ups - 5x5 Dumbbell rows - 3x5 Bench press - 5x5 Incline press - 3x5 I'd also like to throw in a bonus exercise like lateral raises to...
  15. Ironslave

    most insane body weight exercises ever

  16. M


    hey guys.. i know this is a frequently asked question and i also know a few of the answers for example eating small meals through the day and drinking lots of water. is their any other secrets or information on how to get my body fat down?? will be really appreciated!
  17. F

    master body builder video

    SG3jqECOnc8 nice one thank you.
  18. Hypocrisy86

    Full body workout twice a week ?

    I have two days off per week, and each week my days off are different, and instead of trying to pull off 3 times a week for gym, I think that a full body workout will suffice, consisting.. of (but not final yet) day 1. db rotator stretch stretch calf press db shrugs ab rope crunch db hammer...
  19. F

    body building e-books?

    does these body building e-books really work if we follow those tips given in the book? really iam confuesd plese let me know? thank you.
  20. Big_Guns_Lance

    Full body and low volume

    Iv'e been reading alot about split routines recently especially the sticky thread in this section! (btw good evidence in there). And I have learnt alot I didn't no they wasn't the most productive way to train and that FB routines were. Although I think you can still grow on them and progress (as...