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antoine vaillant

  1. MD Bodybuilding

    Antoine Vaillant is headed to the 2022 Olympia!

    Antoine Vaillant wins the 2022 Chicago Pro and is now qualified for the 2022 Olympia!
  2. Richardbrown

    NapsGear Introduced New IFBB PRO: Antoine Vaillant !

    As a kid I had this feeling inside me that I was not good enough. Fear of not being good enough. I wanted to be better. To be stronger. The only thing I could control was that. To get bigger and stronger. I started doing pushups and sit ups at a young age, and felt like I could control those...
  3. rxmuscle


    CHEST DAY For HADI Vlad's BIG Off-Season Antoine Vaillant LATEST!
  4. KaiGold

    Antoine Vaillant on addiction and his recent relapse

    I respect Antoine Vaillant for opening up and being honest about his addiction and relapse. Antione Vaillant: "I talk about my recent experience at CCFA, a rehab center to treat addiction."
  5. COACH

    Antoine Vaillant - Updates - Official Thread

    Arms Workout! ..May 31 2011 Antoine Vaillant Updates
  6. COACH

    Antoine Vaillant Updates

    Arms Workout! ..May 31 2011 Antoine Vaillant Updates