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armand tanny

  1. MuscleMecca Crew

    Armand Tanny Bodybuilding Bio

    Armand Tanny was a professional bodybuilding champion from the United States. Armand was born in Miami, Florida on August 29, 1959. At an early age Armand began weight training as a way to stay active and fit into his father's regime of boxing workouts. Armand was enthusiastic about making...
  2. Dane Fletcher

    Maximum Protein for Maximum Results

    Eating is a very pleasurable thing for most of us, but for bodybuilders - it's their JOB! Nobody enjoys tossing down 12 or 18 egg whites for breakfast, let's be honest. Nobody enjoys the taste of chicken off the Foreman grill, by the pound. And how many whey shakes can we toss down each day...
  3. sexnews

    Bodybuilding Legend Armand Tanny dies

    Word from Bill Dobbins is that Bodybuilding Legend Armand Tanny has passed away. Like many strength athletes of the time, he got his start in Olympic lifting and fared pretty well before making the switch to bodybuilding. One of his favorite lifts was the one arm clean, which he could perform...