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  1. R

    Muscle atrophy

    Maintaining healthy muscles is hard work. Though one should have periods of inactivity to rest and regenerate worn out tissues, sometimes events in our lives like pregnancy, ageing and sickness result in long periods of inactivity when muscles lord their tone or even atrophy. Can it be avoided?
  2. P

    Dark Knight Director's Brother Arrested for Murder

    :turborun: http://news.yahoo.com/s/eonline/20090320/en_top_eo/105428 Los Angeles (E! Online) – Holy headline-making, Batbro! Matthew Francis Nolan, the older brother of Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan, has been arrested by the FBI in his hometown of Chicago and is now awaiting...
  3. Chesticles

    John Graziano's Father Arrested For Attempted Murder

  4. Z

    Craig Titus-Kelly Ryan update: Bodybuilders Take Plea Deal in Assistant's Murder

    "The celebrity bodybuilder couple accused of murdering their assistant will save the county the trouble of a trial. Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan finalized a plea deal with prosecutors late Friday afternoon, avoiding a trial set to begin Monday". For more info...