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  1. tkD

    2016 IFBB Baltimore Grand Prix!

    New Pro show in 2 weeks! This is the show where Victor Martinez will compete and try to qualify for the 2016 Mr Olympia. Competitors:
  2. tim290280

    BCAA Supplementation Roundtable

    By Jamie Hale Do we need BCAA supplementation? The debate rages on. The following is an excerpt from Knowledge and Nonsense: The science of nutrition and exercise by Jamie Hale. J. Hale: Many contest preparation specialists promote the use of mega doses of BCAAs even when the person is in a...
  3. bambam55

    Bulk BCAA powder

    Just curious of to hear from those guys who make their own pre-workout or intra-workout drinks, where do you guys order your bulk bcaa powder from and what all are you guys putting in your shakes. So lets hear it whats the best deal/product for bcaa powder. Typically I have some tang or...
  4. M


    How important is taking bcaa's during your workout? Right now i'm currently taking ON's Pro Complex protein and it says it's loaded with 14,000 mg of bcaa's. Do ya'll think it would be a waste or non-sense to take anymore during workout or throughout the day? Also right now i'm trying to cut...
  5. NeverLetGo

    creatine mixed with bcaa?

    Need advice: can creatine (mono - Inkospor) be mixed with bcaa powder (Xtend)? Maybe they should be taken separately in purpose not to decrease absorption and if yes how long should I wait beetwen taking each other ? I take 5 g of creatine along with 2 scoops of bcaa in the morning and the...
  6. ryanbrown0087


    Who here uses bcaa powder or pills?? what do you guys think of them?
  7. Cutsjr


    What is the best BCAA powder to take???