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  1. R

    Bathing before exercise

    Bathing before exercise is quite good because it opens and unclogs the sweat pores. One feels rejuvenated and endurance increases. Most people tend to be of the opinion that bathing is reserved for post workout. Try and see the difference.
  2. smcfay

    What do you eat while Sick/Cold/Fever

    Hey fellas, What do you guys normally cosume to speed up recovery when your feeling under the weather? Got a bad cold and i can't even eat my normal levels of Protein/carbs/fats.:no1:
  3. JS316

    Eat da poo poo?

    euXQbZDwV0w made me laugh
  4. OH_Broker

    PWO Meal - would you eat?

    Would this be something you would eat post-workout? Chipotle Chicken Bowl *chicken, rice, black beans, corn, onions, lettuce Calories: 525 Total Fat: 12g Sat Fat: 3g Sodium: 1180mg Carbs: 62g Sugar: 7g Protein: 44g
  5. Oloz

    Eat Shit, Tom Hanks

    Tom Hanks can go fuck himself. Has anyone seen his outrageous comments about WWII? They have came out recently as the launch of HBO's new mini-series, "The Pacific," nears. Here are some of the quotes: I'll never watch anyone produced, or starring this cock sucker ever again. I was excited...
  6. P

    Would you eat this?

    Heaven. :drool:
  7. D

    How Many Hours Between Each Meal Do You wait To Eat Again

    How Many Hours Between Each Meal Do You wait To Eat Again??
  8. Hypocrisy86

    Best time to eat before a workout?

    Was wondering when is the best time to eat before eating?. is eating food 2 hours before training bad? or should i wait longer? i've been eating and going to the gym around an hour to two before gym but always use the restroom and sweat alot, unlike waiting 4+ hours...
  9. HATER

    Lion tries to eat man

    crazy footage of a lion in Iran trying to eat a man. r425Y4VjufE
  10. pegasus

    Eat, Sleep, Train

    We even lift on the way to the gym.. lulz OFgJY64dUaM
  11. lifterdead

    Mr. Rogers will eat your soul.....

    fBTpSqE3ipY :ughnoes:
  12. wrestling lyon

    Foods to eat when bulking

    My weight gain has started to stall and I'm sure it has something to do with my nutrition. so can anyone help me out with some foods that I should consistently be eating while trying to add weight? I currently eat a lot of beef and chicken, baked potatoes, and broccoli
  13. lifterdead

    Would you eat a whale burger?

    I’m just curious. http://www.luckypierrot.jp/new/framepage19.htm I can think of a few good reasons to eat one. I can also think of a few good reasons not to. Why you shouldn’t eat whale: 1# Whale meat is high in mercury. Mercury ain’t good for ya. 2# You might be eating a...