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benny brantley

  1. underbody

    Official Nspire Sports League Coverage

    I thought it would be a good idea to post all Nspire Sports League updates here! Nspire Sports League is also known as the NSL! You will find NSL Bodybuilders here, videos, NSL schedules and events and more! Here are NSL International events for 2016 Saturday, April 23, 2016 CHINA...
  2. tkD

    2011 IFBB "FLEX" Pro show - 1st show of the 2011 bodybuilding season

    Prize money: $30,000
  3. pakiman

    Kai on Next Cover of Flex Magazine!

    Choices for next Flex cover; I voted for the first!
  4. The King Of Lurkers

    Kai and Phil at FLEX Headquarters

    The top two contenders to the Olympia title in the same place, at the same time, for the first time ever. That was the situation a week ago, when Kai Greene and Phil Heath came to the Weider offices in Woodland Hills, California for a day of video and stills, plus a flexonline.com exclusive from...
  5. The King Of Lurkers

    Zack "king" Khan Flex Magazine Covers!

    The bigger the better!!
  6. The big king

    Is Kai Joining FLEX Magazine!?

    There have been rumors spreading that Kais contract with MD expries April 30 and he will be joining the Weiders! It has been mentioned on Pro Bodybuilding Weekly by Dan.:)
  7. dilatedmuscle

    Flex Wheeler ASC 2007 with Arnold Commentary

    Interesting to see arnold comment on someones physique since nowadays he just presents awards and congradulates people.
  8. tkD

    FLEX covers for June 2010!

    Nicole Wilkins-Lee vs Dianna Dahlgren, Nicole wins for me :bullwhip:
  9. dilatedmuscle

    Flex Lewis Gaspari TV Triceps

    Flex training triceps. I hope its not a repost. Gaspari TV - Bodybuilding Training Videos, Interviews and more.
  10. tkD

    May 2010 Flex covers!

    Dex FTW!!!
  11. tkD

    Flex Lewis's Back Attack!

    Video here
  12. tkD

    Melvin Anthony - Flex photoshoot

    Video http://www.flexonline.com/videos/?bcpid=17320904001&bclid=1459293934&bctid=63266986001
  13. The King Of Lurkers

    April cover of Flex Magazine ft. Phil!

    April cover of Flex Magazine ft. Phil!
  14. tkD

    Flex Wheeler playing the piano!

  15. tim290280

    Happy B'Day Flex

    Flex is 104 today. :bitenails: Happy B'Day Joey.
  16. Natzo

    Flex lewis Tribute.

    James "Flex" Lewis (15 November 1983; Llanelli, Wales) is a Welsh bodybuilder and has won 7 consecutive 212 Mr. Olympia titles. This is Flex winning the IFBB Atlantic City Pro Under 202 class in September of 2009.
  17. Dylan Detrick

    Shawn Ray and Kevin Levrone train shoulders on the Flex Magazine Workout

    Flex Magazine Workout Kevin Levrone Shoulders
  18. The King Of Lurkers

    New Flex Magaxine Cover with Jay!

    Destroying the challengers:bitenails: Note: Their Both the same but with different flex logo and jay body color thats why i posted both
  19. Flex

    Happy Birthday Flex!

    24 years old today. :wave:
  20. curtisymoo

    Flex Wheelers Career (5 minutes)