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  1. Joe Pietaro

    Here Are Your Top-10 Dumbbell Exercises

    Getting it done. That’s the bottom line when it comes to exercising. If you don’t have access to equipment, then you can use whatever is available to you. Items such as a pull-up bar, a chair, or even the floor can all be used if need be and will provide a pump when done right. So when people...
  2. Tiger Fitness

    Build Biceps with Dumbbells

    Building biceps at home with dumbbells is an excellent approach to enhance arm strength and definition without having to join a gym. You can sculpt your biceps and get the toned arms you've always desired with only a set of dumbbells and some patience. To begin, it's critical to grasp the...
  3. tkD

    Ronnie Coleman vs Jay Cutler - Who has bigger arms?

    Here's an older video from 2007 or so when Flex magazine measured both their arms for an article.
  4. Dane Fletcher

    Hitting Biceps and Triceps Twice Per Week For Optimal Gains

    If you're a competitive bodybuilder, then a pair of killer arms are essential for making your mark in any competition you enter. If you're just a beach bodybuilder, a set of well developed biceps and triceps is very much needed to make acquaintance with the fairer gender in your travels. If...
  5. tkD

    Ronnie Coleman training biceps scans

    as the flex article call it, simply the best. Ronnie Coleman Biceps.