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bodybuilding diet

  1. MD Bodybuilding

    What is a good bodybuilding diet for cutting and bulking?

    Bulking And Cutting In Bodybuilding In the world of bodybuilding, bulking, and cutting are two terms that get thrown around a lot. But what do they mean? Bulking is when you increase your caloric intake to build muscle mass while cutting involves reducing calories to shed fat and create defined...
  2. ArnoldS

    The Best Bodybuilding Food and Diet

    What is the best bodybuilding food to eat and the best bodybuilding diet to follow? I know a bodybuilder who eats only chicken breast and rice or potatoes but there is not much nutritional value in that. Do you bodybuilders eat vegetables and worry about vitamins and nutrition or only protien to...
  3. smcfay

    Thanksgiving Food P0rn Thread

    I know im not the only one looking forward to making this my official cheat day of the week. What are you guys eating, post pics :facesjump:
  4. robert.gaskins4

    Cheat your body into working more for less – II

    Last time, I discussed how speed training and density workouts could help you gain muscle mass in a shorter time. In this post, I will show you exercises to pull heavy weights and focus on a particular area for maximum output. Sets of 1.5 As I mentioned in my previous blog, compound exercises...
  5. robert.gaskins4

    Cheat your body into working more for less – I

    We often feel the need to get out of the rut and take up new challenges. This keeps us on the edge. Similarly, bodybuilders juggle intensity and frequency of workouts to maximize muscle growth. Here are some tricks that trainers use to split the barrier of routine and challenge themselves off...
  6. shadeagain

    who can do or already done a 308 140 kg cheat curl ?

    so anyone guys here done it?
  7. M

    Cheat Meals !!

    hey guys.. jus wanted to know how often do you take a cheat meal?? and how long into your diet should you start having a cheat meal? thanks.
  8. D

    How Often Do You Have A Cheat Meal?

    Musclemecca How Often Do You Have A Cheat Meal?
  9. X


    I'm currently 3.5 weeks out from my first contest ever. I read alot about cheat days and how they are beneficial to have once a week it regards to metabolism. But i can't really find any that specifically state when to cut them out or "fine tune" them. Should i still be having them? or just...
  10. D

    Cheat Meal Suggestions

    Im running low on ideas on what to have for cheat meals and its getting boring and blah :ugh: Post some of the cheats meals your've had and some suggestions on what to have :tiphat: thanks :xyxthumbs:
  11. D

    Planned cheat meals when dieting the pro's and con's

    In away im confused and in away im not, :dunnodude: PRO: i understand that having a cheat meal when dieting helps speed up your metabolism and rekicks it into gear to burn more calories at a quicker right, putting your body into another state & shocking it. correct me here if im wrong But the...
  12. KCharger9

    Cheat Meal

    I was just curious what everyones favorite cheat meal or food is when dieting or just something you crave. Ive been doing the Palumbo diet and i enjoy it but about 2-3 days before i get my cheat meal i start craving alot of things. My foods I crave are usually pizza and mcdonalds i know not...