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bodybuilding motivation

  1. TalkAdmin

    Motivate me MuscleMecca bodybuilders

    I need some help and I hope some of you guys will share your expertise with me. Over the last year I have had huge changes in my life including a major move, getting married and having a baby. Due to this I have totally lost my physique. Last November I was 170lbs and was doing hundreds of...
  2. Scout200

    Let the New Year Rush Begin!

    Now that the New Year began, I'm sure you're aware that the gym gets busy... Do you feel more motivated to go to the gym when the New Years resolution people come to workout or do you feel more discouraged?
  3. smcfay

    5 year old does 500 pushups- Ripped

    Check the 4:45 mark the kid is ripped
  4. kn609

    16 year old makes his first million dollars

    http://gizmodo.com/5612145/how-a-16+yo-kid-made-his-first-million-dollars-following-his-hero-steve-jobs His name: Christian Owens. His age: 16. He made his first million dollars in two years, "inspired by Apple's CEO Steve Jobs". This is how he did it. The British teen—who lives in Corby...
  5. Hypocrisy86

    Anyone going to Quakecon this year?

  6. dilatedmuscle

    23 Year Old Freak : Roman Gavryshchuck

    This guy looks Freaky! He won the 2010 WBPF European Championships. He is from the Ukraine, seriously, what did these eastern europeans discover? With guys like this guy and Alexey..... From Muscletime ^This pic reminds me of phil, great genetics, pleasing physique but narrow compared...
  7. D

    Almost halfway through the year, anyone injured themself yet or almost?

    I have, roughly 1.5 months ago during legs soreness under my knee cap, have to use knee straps now when doing legs to be on the safe side
  8. Big VIC

    18 Year Old Nicole Nagrari After Winning the 2010 NPC New York Metropolitans Bikini O

    18 Year Old Nicole Nagrari After Winning the 2010 NPC New York Metropolitans Bikini Overall!
  9. Big VIC

    Hidetada Yamagishi says he's doing every U.S. Show this year

    Hidetada Yamagishi says he's doing every U.S. Show this year :turborun:
  10. afgan-ali

    new year new start

    i have been so lazy took almost a year off and i payed for it i wanna start with this plan i thought up, just to get ma body back used to weights and to get some cardio in at same time to save time, what you think any good for someone who is practically starting all over again?? 3 sets 6 - 12...
  11. P

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year Everyone. 1mWyglMehGc Don't get alcohol poising.
  12. Ironslave

    Time Magazine's Person of the Year is...

    .... Ben Bernanke. http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1946375_1947251,00.html
  13. Free91

    1 year later! back inside

    Here's a pic when i started and now 1 year later! any comments? ( sorry for my bad english :) )
  14. dilatedmuscle

    19 year old Nick Medici

    19-Year Old Nick Medici After Winning the 2009 NPC Eastern USA Teen Overall! http://www.rxmuscle.com/videos/c-interviews/946-nick-medici-after-winning-the-2009-npc-eastern-usa-teen-overall.html
  15. Flex

    Dennis Wolf states his goals for next year

    I had to put this together when I saw this old Nutrex advertisement. :49:
  16. pakiman

    Any GPs this year?

    Does anyone know if IFBB has any Grand Prixs planned for 2009 and when those are going to take place?
  17. Natzo

    4 year old genetic freak.

    f7RpouRAu2M :bitenails:
  18. Z

    How to restart after 1 year?

    Hi! Unfortunately I haven't been working out for more than a year now for a number of reasons, but now I've found the time and the right gym to start again within the next days. The problem is that I have never had such a long break and I have no idea how strong I am now and what kind of...
  19. tkD

    Who has the best most muscular from this year's Olympia?

    Which one it is?
  20. Big VIC

    IFBB: 2 year ban for use and possession of Human Growth Hormone

    DOPING VIOLATION Two-year sanction: use and possession of Human Growth Hormone 25 August 2009 The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) today welcomed the decision of the International Federation of Body Builders (IFBB) Anti-Doping Commission Hearing Panel to impose a two-year...