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boyer coe

  1. MuscleMecca Crew

    Boyer Coe: Who Was He?

    Have you ever heard of the bodybuilder known as Boyer Coe? He is a well-known personality in the bodybuilding and fitness industries, having had a significant effect on the sport as we know it today. Despite his achievements, most people are unaware of him or his tale. Boyer Coe, for those who...
  2. Iceman1981

    Boyer Coe - 1984 Mr. Olympia (Mr. Biceps) VIDEO

    Boyer Coe - 1984 Mr. Olympia (Mr. Biceps) VIDEO If you've ever seen Boyer in person, you've been astounded. The gap between his chest and waist was enormous. He was such a kind and friendly guy to me back in the 1970s. It was quite beneficial to my recuperation after an injury.
  3. Iceman1981

    Boyer Coe - 1982 Mr. Olympia (Mr. Biceps) VIDEO

    Boyer Coe Damn, he had some great biceps. Lake Charles, Louisiana, 18 August 1946 Boyer Coe had the greatest biceps in a sport full of them, and the longevity and gentlemanly attitude he brought to his chosen art made him a standout in all he did. Coe's interest in physiques started at a...