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  1. tkD

    Marcus Haley - Chest training, weeks before the 2010 Olympia

    Marcus Haley In the Trenches in Quads Gym - Trains Chest
  2. tkD

    Branch Warren - Back training 12 weeks out from the 2010 Mr.O

    The NPC Branch Warren Classic: Branch trains Back!
  3. The King Of Lurkers

    Pic of Kai Greene 13 weeks out

    Only one pic but something is something at least:bitelip: Weight 310-315 pounds and shredded:bitenails:
  4. Natzo

    20Year Old Eric Barrenger Trains Arms 9 Weeks from the NPC Natural Michigan

  5. tkD

    Erik Fankhouser 11 weeks out from the NY Pro 2010

    250 lbs
  6. underbody

    Road to 2010 Arnold Classic Amateurs: Dennis Giusto 2 weeks out

    hello guy! here you can see severals photos of an Italian Champion: Dennis Giusto
  7. ironheart

    Ronny Rockel 2 weeks out from the Arnold

    looking pretty good for 2 weeks out imo.
  8. buzzkill44

    12 weeks out from first comp

    here are a few pics from 12 weeks out. these are the ones that weren't too blurry. my camera man has the shakes and was making me laugh. also added one of me picking a wedge for you all. haha
  9. tkD

    Jose Raymond - 9 weeks out from the Orlando 202's

    Pics from MD. 221 lbs
  10. Natzo

    Mike Liberatore Trains Arms 2 Weeks from the 2010 IFBB Phoenix Pro!

  11. Deity

    Toney Freeman - 3 weeks out - AC

    .. massive
  12. tkD

    DeShaun Grimez - 4 weeks out from Phoenix Pro

    242 lbs, and he's working with Chris Aceto.
  13. tkD

    Hide Yamagishi 7 weeks out from Phoenix Pro

  14. tkD

    DeShaun Grimez 11 weeks out from the Phoenix Pro Show

    DeShaun Grimez 11 weeks out from the Phoenix Pro Show
  15. W

    In the Trenches with Fred Smalls Two Weeks from Nationals

    Fred Smalls Two Weeks out from Nationals
  16. tkD

    Jeff Long 2 weeks out from the 2009 Nationals

  17. tkD

    Steve Kuclo legs training 2 weeks out from the Nationals

    Steve Kuclo legs training 2 weeks out from the Nationals
  18. Adam23

    Leo Pacheco 2 Weeks Out from the Nationals

  19. Adam23

    USA Welterweight Champ Luis Santa Trains Back 2 Weeks Out from the 2009 NPC Nationals

  20. tkD

    Steve Kuclo 2 weeks out from the Nationals (chest training)

    Steve Kuclo 3 weeks out 09 Nationals Chest Training 180lb Dumbell Drop set