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  1. Natzo

    Nick Scott: Founder of Wheel-Chair Bodybuilding.com

  2. Anabolicus

    Scott Mendelson 490kg bench attempt

  3. Ironslave

    Scott Brown (R) wins senate race in Massachusetts

    Just announced on CNN, this gives the republicans 41 votes in the senate, so meaning they can block the health care bill and many other of the democrat bills. Very good news. :borat: The big part of this story though, is that this was Teddy Kennedy's seat for so many years, plus, Obama won MA...
  4. sexnews

    Scott Wilson

    Scott was born on August 6, 1950 in San Diego, California. He took up weight training in his garage at a young age, with any weights he could get his hands on. At one point, his mother won bicycles for Scott and his siblings on a game show, and Scott sold his to buy more weights. As a teen...
  5. Adam23

    Larry Scott - guest posing in 1965

    the good old days :thumbsup2: /v/ElYU0TN1WqY&hl
  6. P

    George C. Scott fans?

    I've never watched a George C. Scott movie until today. I dusted off Patton and Dr.Strangelove this afternoon in my first ever viewing of those movies. I am now a GCS fan and plan on watching more of his work. Recommenced me some good movies of his.
  7. Natzo

    Training vids with Larry Scott - Biceps

    Some training vids with larry Scott an extract from Larry Scott Hypergrowth System
  8. P

    Favorite Ridley Scott movie?

    Which movie of Ridley's do you like the most?
  9. Tech

    I'm Scott Malkinson...

    I have a lisp, and I have diabetes. :49:
  10. curtisymoo

    Larry Scott - The Legend

    a quick video i thought was interesting a short insight into one of the greatest pioneers in the sport enjoy! b5KEUbU4GaU p.s. hope this isnt a repost? :carduindisguise
  11. Adam23

    Larry Scott

    Larry Scott - MR UNIVERSE 1964 :xyxthumbs: KbU1hyi1_vw&hl Larry Scott - guest posing in 1965 :xyxthumbs: ElYU0TN1WqY&hl Larry Scott - Mr. Olympia 1966 and 1965 :xyxthumbs: rrKHmvDkUqk&hl
  12. White Thunder

    Scott Steiner has surgery to repair torn ACL, possibly out six months

    PWInsider's Mike Johnson reports: Scott Steiner underwent surgery today to fix a torn ACL, according to the TNA website. He is expected to miss between four and six months. He's been having problems with the knee since the Sacrifice PPV bout where he and Kaz challenged Samoa Joe for the TNA...
  13. P

    Scott Steiner

  14. Ryan.C

    Nick Scott - WheelChair Bodybuilder