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cassandra malini

  1. underbody

    intervista a Cassandra Malini

    Underbody: ciao Cassandra, benvenuta sul forum MuscleMecca.com/ ultimatebeefmagazine.com e grazie mille per averci concesso un'intervista. Per prima cosa, presentati brevemente, ai nostri lettori del forum MuscleMecca.com/ ultimatebeefmagazine.com, nella sezione dedicata all'Italia. Cassandra...
  2. TalkAdmin

    MuscleMecca Exclusive Interview with Cassandra Malini

    I would like to thank Underbody for arranging and performing this interview and I would like to thank Cassandra Malini for giving musclemecca the honor of being able to interview her. Thank you! Underbody:Hello Cassandra, welcome to the MuscleMecca Bodybuilding, Diet and Nutrition Sports Forums...