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charles glass

  1. Iceman1981

    Charles Glass - 1984 Mr. Olympia VIDEO

    Charles Glass - 1984 Mr. Olympia My MR. OLYMPIA 1984 POSING ROUTINE. Grateful for your support along these years.
  2. tkD

    Shawn Rhoden "I'm the man to beat going into the 2016 Mr Olympia"

    Watch Shawn "Flexatron" Rhoden training back with Charles Glass, and at @ 07:40 he says: "This year's Mr Olympia is gonna be a special one for me, because I feel as if at this present time, going to the 2016 Mr Olympia, I'm the man to beat. I don't care what anybody says." Do you agree...
  3. Big VIC

    Olympia 1984 - Charles Glass routine better then Kai Greene's

    Yes I said it...
  4. Natzo

    Charles glass and Kai Green amazing photo

    Just look at the quads in the pants!
  5. German_Joe

    German_Joe's log

    Meaning to do this for a while first session in a bout 45 minutes. Had a quick supper of Steak and oats and im gunna hit up legs today