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chicago pro

  1. TalkAdmin

    2016 Wings of Strength Chicago Pro

    The 2016 Wings of Strength Chicago Pro will be on July 3,4,5, 2016 In Chicago at the Tinley Convention Center!
  2. Flex

    Team Gaspari

    2009 Atlantic City Pro - Hidetada with the surprise victory over expected winner Troy Alves 1.) Gustavo Badell 2.) Hidetada Yamagishi 3.) Troy Alves __________________________ Same show - Flex Lewis defeats a bigger Jose Raymond. Maybe Rich Gaspari had Flex in first? He was a judge...
  3. T

    Bodybuilder Space looking for a team!

    Bye. Bye.
  4. Ironslave

    Random dude pranks Championship soccer team

    This is priceless :49: 3lob3HfT-CM
  5. tim290280

    The A Team

    With Jessica Biel :drool: I'm probably a bit slow on this one, and it will probably suck, but :turborun: The Van for the movie:
  6. Flex

    Kiyoshi Moody training legs 1 week out from Team Universe

    Natural competitors always seem to train harder. Part 1 JjuyrTE9A-U Part 2 LEre-CbXwdc
  7. jnutz19


    how about a team branch already?
  8. Flex

    Jeff Rodriguez vs. Kiyoshi Moody (Team Universe)

    The overall will be between these two tomorrow night. Who do you think is better? One thing is for sure. Both of these guys brought their A-game. Jeff Rodriguez vs. Kiyoshi Moody
  9. Flex

    Jeff Rodriguez @ Team Universe 2009 (SICK!)

    Looks a tad flat (especially his back), but he really nailed his conditioning. I don't think anyone will be able to beat him this year, but I'd have to see all the contestants first. :wave: Judging by the comparison pictures, he'll win the middleweights. Not easily, but he'll get the win.
  10. Big VIC

    Caroline Sessa Trains 5 Days from 2009 NPC Team Universe!

  11. Big VIC

    Kiyoshi Moody Trains Back 5 Days from 2009 NPC Team Universe!

  12. tkD

    Jeff Rodriguez trains arms 1 week from 2009 NPC Team Universe

  13. Big_Guns_Lance


    How about a team Centopani? He's an awesome upcoming pro that's going to do some damage in the near future. He probably is my favourite current pro and I would like to support him. I think a lot of other people would join! What you say? :headbang:
  14. smcfay

    Team Heath

    Can someone please add me to team heath?
  15. Berry

    Team Winklaar!!!

    Hi i know i just joined team Heath but now i'm sure, i want to support the Dutch Pro Roelly Winklaar, Netherlands for life!!!! cAN YOU PLEASE DO THAT FOR ME :thumbsup2: THANKS!!!
  16. tkD

    Jeff Rodriquez 5 weeks out from the 2009 NPC Team Universe

    Holy shit! how shredded can this guy be! :omgwtf:
  17. Berry

    Team Heath

    Can someone add me to team Heath please.
  18. Beau

    Jeff Rodriguez Trains Back 10 Weeks Before the 2009 NPC Team Universe!

  19. Matze

    some german guys: team nutrition technology

    team nutrition technology: jens schneider german overall master, markus kaminski & kenny keuscher german master first video http://clips.team-andro.com/watch/77c3949760a94fa69153/The-Nutrition-Technology-Team-Part-1 galery http://www.team-andro.com/coppermine/thumbnails.php?album=219
  20. Z

    FIBO Power Germany: Brandon Curry posing with team BSN on stage