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  1. KaiGold


    I am glad to see this. Bodybuilding helping people all over the world! IMPORTANT EFFORT FOR EDUCATIONAL FITNESS PROGRAMS, IN CHINA Chinese Bodybuilding Association (CBBA), leaded by president Zhang Haifeng, is doing, in this decade, an important effort to raise the technical level of...
  2. Ironslave

    Nevada GOP assembly woman explains Republican party division

    :49::49: Fuck, am I ever glad they lost. After a series of national and local losses, a lingering feeling of defeat describes the mood of the Nevada Republican Party's election night party at the Palazzo Las Vegas Tuesday night. Aside from the drunken slurs and grumbling following the...
  3. Oloz

    "GOP fight in Nevada Could Cause McCain Trouble

    Thought some of the other fellow Ron Paul supporters would find this interesting http://online.wsj.com/public/article_print/SB121944799376665201.html
  4. R

    Paul to hold rival event during GOP convention (AP)

    AP - Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is planning a daylong rally in Minnesota during the Republican National Convention that could draw attention from the presumed nominee John McCain. More...
  5. Tech

    Ron Paul biggest GOP fundraiser last quarter

    http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/washington/2008/02/news-shocker-ro.html Well, it's official, ladies and gentlemen. Believe it or not, Rep. Ron Paul, the 72-year-old Texan who hardly ever gets mentioned in Republican political news and the one-time libertarian who always gets the least time on...