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  1. R

    First Here Huh? Any Fans?

    Well I was a little bit surprised to see that there was a section created but no threads or posts, so I thought that I would just go ahead and be the first one to start it. I am a pretty big NCAA football fan, and it is merely the case of being where I am from and the fact that it is all we...
  2. pGhi

    How to start training after a little break?

    Hello fellow mecca members! :headbang: I was in Cyprus 1.5 weeks ago and after that I came sick so I havent trained for 3/3.5 weeks... So I was thinking that should I start training hard ( only heavy sets ) right away or should I take it little bit lighter for the first week or two? I think...
  3. German_Joe

    I can break these cuffs

    CWZrVGi7lj8 JQTXawaAKNA :49:
  4. Mygeeto

    an Oceans 11 bottleshop break in - your way

    if you were presented with an opportunity to break into a grog store (say a riot broke out, or something else big), how would you do it? would you assign your friends/family certain tasks? what would be the first things you would grab? how much do you think you could get done in 30 minutes...
  5. F

    Prison Break

    Anyone watch the show???