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  1. tkD

    The 2017 Mr Olympia Top 10 predictions contest - sponsored by Musclemecca!

    Hi guys! What do you all think about a new guessing game of the 2017 Mr. Olympia? Something like we used to do? For this year Rich & I were thinking of a new guessing & scoring system for this Mr. Olympia. And PRIZES! The rules are the following: * guesses will stop 1 day before the Mr...
  2. dilatedmuscle

    INSANE ammounts of gas

    About 4 days ago i started burping and farting all day and i was like "wtf is going on?"... Its been happenning every day now since that day... I started thinkin "what the hell did i change in my diet?". Then i remembered, that day i switched form Instant Oatmeal to "Old-Fashion Oatmeal". The...
  3. R

    Insane feats of strength

    check out this video guys :thumbsup2: UNw_6DnFJ90
  4. Natzo

    Insane Derek Poundstone training

    rx_dPwQQozc 9D6o9S7maZs
  5. El Freako

    Insane feats of strength

    Holy fuck! I'm not sure if this has been posted or not before but... Holy fuck! UNw_6DnFJ90
  6. P

    Rare Roy Callender insane pics

    About ROY Born: August 24, 1940 Birthplace: BARBADOS Residence: Toronto, CANADA Height: 5' 8" Weight: 220 lbs Titles Won 1977 - CBBF Canadian Championships 1977 - IFBB Mr. International (Hvywt) 1977 - IFBB Mr. Universe (Mdwt) 1978 - IFBB Pro Universe 1979 - IFBB Canada Diamond Pro Cup 1979 -...
  7. D


  8. D

    35 insane pics of flex wheeler

    BONUS PICS: Levrone facing Nasser Dorian vs. Flex
  9. SiCK

    The Gift Looking FuKing Insane!!! Pics - Guest Posing Oct 11

    After prejuding, we talkked for abou 15-20 min, the guy really cool to talk to. We talked about the O and his thoughts abouts, about 07 when ronnie did his last O and how that it was very sad, and talk about other things. Anyways, Phil also took the time talk and take pics with everyone...
  10. samsam

    How insane are you? (Test)

    Crazy and need to kill some time? Are you accused of being Narcissistic? Paranoid? Obsessive-Compulsive? Schizo perhaps? Maybe the accusation is justified, you'll never know without taking the test...:dunnodude: http://www.4degreez.com/misc/personality_disorder_test.mv Please post results...
  11. P

    Ultimate Warrior is insane

    - The Ultimate Warrior posted a video on his website (UltimateWarriorTV.com) in which he ripped on Hogan for oiling his daughter's Brooke's legs and suggested that if he was going to rub on anyone it should be his son Nick. Brdk5EOa07s pDPmkY0j-cg :uhoh2:
  12. P

    This guy is batshit insane!

    I'd fall. PaeQykTZRHw HD version - http://www.brightcove.tv/title.jsp?title=1438490562 :ughnoes:
  13. P

    Insane police officer