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contra costa championships

  1. TalkAdmin

    2016 NPC Contra Costa Championships

    NPC – Contra Costa Championships The Contra Costa Championships will be located in Hayward, California on May 14, 2016
  2. S

    need advice of diet for pump-hard-vascular look for competition

    Hi guys, as the title states: what do you eat and drink on the day before and on the day of the show to get that full-hard-vascular look? Any feedback of experienced and non-experienced competitors is well appreciated! Thanks in advance for the effort.
  3. Skeptic

    Dave Tate gives advice.

    MQ9jd2dnvUM lulz.
  4. mike pulcinella

    Posing advice for newbies

    I shot video of a bodybuilding contest last weekend. I shoot several contests a year. One of the things that really irks me is when competitors get up on stage and bore us with a posing routine that clearly has not been thought out beforehand. I see that happen time and time again. I know this...
  5. C

    First post, Before After pics, (seeking advice on new cut diet)

    Basicly about a year ago, i started careing about my body and what i ate.. so I went on a diet Absolutely no carbs... for a year. went from 310 to 200lbs. With no muscle or little @ all and beeing 6'5" it was decent. Since then i really got into lifting weights and went from 200 to 240. I never...
  6. R

    revelli's dietary plan - need advice

    Greetings, after few months of trying to put some mass to my body 3 weeks ago i started with dietary to cut down some fat. With 2 kgs of fat down in first week, 2 kgs down on 2nd week and 1kg in 3rd one i am in of advice if i have right dietary plan for next weeks. Using Muscle&Fitness as...
  7. I

    Severe Night sweats...need advice

    This is my third cycle of test prop. I have previously ran it alone at 100mg eod for 8 weeks. then my second cycle was 100mg eod for 2 weeks then 150mg eod for 8 weeks. my second cycle of prop was stacked with clen where i did clen five days, then took two off and repeated. both concluded with...
  8. B

    very first cycle advice

    afternoon all, i am just after a little adivce from you all about my first cycle. i have done my research over the past year and decided this should be my first cycle Test E - 500 E/W, 250 on monday and 250 on thursday running the cycle for 10 weeks i was going to add Dbol tabs in as well but...
  9. Big VIC

    Lockerbie bomber al-Megrahi sent home 'on the advice of just ONE doctor'

    Fresh doubts over the decision to release the Lockerbie bomber were raised last night. It emerged that the doctor who advised that Abdel Baset Ali al-Megrahi had fewer than three months to live was not an expert in prostate cancer. This advice was instrumental in persuading the Scottish...
  10. bulkinprogres

    PCT advice URGENT please

    I'm on my last two weeks of sustanon & deca durabolin (8 weeks) cycle. 250mg/week sustanon (on sunday) 250mg/week deca (on wednesday, but I have only for 7 weeks) PCT 1st choice from 7th sustanon shot I could take 100mg of proviron for 1week ED. after 8th shot of sutanon I could start...
  11. Zigurd

    Fat advice lady.

    Feel free to rage freely in this thread.
  12. T

    I could use some advice from people with experience

    Hello all, Im 19yrs old and am pretty new to lifting. I am pretty lean at about 148lbs and only 5ft 7in. I have been lifting for about a year now and have seen great strength gains and overall fitness. However, I am looking to gain muscle mass now. I was wondering if anyone had some training...
  13. M


    Hey guys i'm new to the site and i have a question. I'm 6'1 175 and about 6% body fat. I want to get real lean and cut down some body fat but yet still be big and have defined muscles. Here is my meal plan and please let me know what you think. Also i'm not trying to bodybuild right now this...
  14. MrChewiebitums

    Advice on blood tests

    I recently got back the results of my blood test. can anyone perhaps give me a little advice on them? (i eat lots of protein you know to bulk) ALT(serum) 59 (high) Chloride(serum) 106.3 (high) Urea (serum) 8.80 (high) Uric Acid (serum) 440.0 (high) Lymphocytes Abs 1.57 (Low) HDL choles (low) 0.87
  15. Maxmonzter

    sorry i didn´t take your advice, to the members i hurt

    i feel i need to say how sorry i am and what a jackass i´ve been to alot of members, i feel that im lucky to be a member to such a great site. I really didn´t realize how much it hurts to not using what you guys say and i´m sorry for that. i really am sorry to tony for not sticking to the...
  16. theweapon

    Need some advice.

    i got 2 options to re enlist. im a bit confused may you guys can help me out Option 1: Army(active duty) i get 1k for every year i enlist, 4 years=4000 Bonus. thats being active duty. and i have to do WTC(warriror transition course) and AIT. the bonus is based on Infantry Option, i doubt any...
  17. PrinceVegeta

    New routine advice

    Hey there:tiphat: I am interested in trying a new routine that doesnt split up the body parts in week....im looking for one that i do only compound movements in a session..i dont know how its called...kinda like what a 5x5 routine looks like! Any help??
  18. Maxmonzter

    A unique combination of science and Experience based-pre contest advice

    Bodybuilder. The word seems more like a question than a simple word to me. What defines a bodybuilder? Is a bodybuilder someone who merely lifts hard? Is a bodybuilder someone who lifts hard and watches what they eat? Is a bodybuilder someone who competes in physique competitions? There will...
  19. Fatality

    Need some Creatine advice.

    So, I've been reading up on Creatine and it seems really promising. I haven't heard of much side effects except cramping but those can also be resulted by not consuming enough water. However, I'm still unsure if I'm ready for creatine. I'm 17, but not fairly new to lifting. I was wondering if...
  20. Duality

    stage color advice

    the show is this saturday (4 days away) and i must say i look very good. full, much leaner, and imo bigger (at least the visual illusion as such). i have been doing my morning cardio everyday which is a 45min walk around my neighborhood with no shirt on and just my boxers (i live in a secluded...