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costantino polesel

  1. TalkAdmin

    Who is Costantino Polesel?

    Costantino Polesel is an Italian bodybuilder who has participated in many bodybuilding competitions in Italy and abroad as an amateur. In Italy, he competed in the IFBB but in recent years he has participated many times in a very important bodybuilding race in Italy, called trophy two towers...
  2. underbody

    Happy birthday Costantino Polesel

    From Italy this is the new Pro IFBB Bodybuilder Costantino Polesel! Happy birthday Costantino Polesel!
  3. Natzo

    Nasser - BFTO 1996

  4. D

    Nasser & Jay cutler Posing & Training

    http://www.megavideo.com/?v=NFS8WXWT I am happy to upload it yo youtube if it doesn't work for some :2:
  5. D

    Old scans - nasser el sonbaty & jean pierre fux photoshoot

  6. D


    I dont like Nasser's physique, but I have to admit: he made a lot of impact BONUS PICS:
  7. R

    Nasser / Fux Battle For The Olypmia

    anyone already posted this? pysOSybZdfk
  8. RonWid

    Nasser and Jay Cutler video (training and posing)

    jwUEoa7dIL4 Jay is the MAN!
  9. Daniel Andersson

    Nasser Approved

  10. Canabalistic Turnip

    Nasser El Sonbaty in 1997 Finnish Grand Prix

    :ughnoes: :ughnoes: :ughnoes: :ughnoes: Mass Monster :food-snacking: :food-snacking: :food-snacking: KV8N4JG6VhI Another Nasser evening show GuXxXUgNg8A&NR lockerroom casual scene VvCQaEo4gbQ&NR
  11. Big Nasty

    Nasser el Sonbaty