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danny schneider

  1. TalkAdmin

    Meet Mr Australia: Sydney cop overcomes sports injury to claim national bodybuilding title

    Senior Constable Danny Schneider had a career paved out ahead of him that most could only dream of, playing professional rugby league for Penrith Panthers, until a sickening blow to the head left his future up in the air. The shock injury during a rugby game forced the fitness fanatic to seek...
  2. created by pain

    Robert Piotrkowicz - World Champion from Poland

    He is 2006 world champion under 100kg 2007 world champion - overall Athletics Berlin! 2007 elite tour Kaliningrad 2007 elite tour Tallinn 2007 elite tour marseille 2007 and many, many, many, many other ; ) He won everything what is possible in amateur bodybuilding World Championship 2007...