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david henry

  1. MuscleMecca Crew

    2016 Mr Olympia 212 Showdown Predictions

    We are now just weeks away from one of the most talked about Mr Olympia competitions in recent memory. Several months ago, due to a very lackluster lineup, and countless missing pros who normally place very strongly, the Olympia was considered to be one of the more boring contests in recent...
  2. Natzo

    Stay tuned for Heavy Muscle Radio more Wolf prep!

    IFBB Pro Patrick Tuor was Dennis Wolf's prep coach for the 2010 New York Pro where the Big Bad Wolf placed 3rd. Dennis was so disappointed in Patrick that he vowed to never use another contest-guru in the future. Patrick comes on and clears the air about what really happened, what went wrong...
  3. PistolPete

    Pete's Contest Prep- OCB Midatlantic Classic

    Hey guys, I'm currently getting ready for the OCB Midatlantic Classic, which is an IFPA pro qualifier. A little about me... Natural Amateur bodybuilder. Started bodybuilding when I entered college, in the fall of 07' at a height of 5'11 and a weight of 175. I was pretty lean, but didn't...
  4. The Creator

    Creator's Peak Week Prep

    I am 13 days out from my show and I would like to put up a thread to discuss what I will be doing in order to peak well for my show. I am going to follow a slight carb/fat cycle until the day of the show. Calories are around 2500-2600 and I do low fat on higher carb days and higher fat on...
  5. Natzo

    Steve Kuclo 2010 USA prep

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  6. Cork

    Ketogenic Dieting and Contest Prep

    Do any of you have experience with low carb diets with regards to getting ready to step on stage? I've done 2 ketogenic diets before but I lacked the knowledge to do it exactly correct. I lost a lot of fat, but muscle too. I'm giving myself 20 weeks for prep time so there is some room for...
  7. Adam23

    Steve Kuclo and Art Atwood Talk Contest Prep

  8. Milligan41088

    Milligan41088 contest prep for the NEPA Natural

    Hey guys I am currently 3 weeks out from the Northeastern Pennslyvania Natural. DIet has been tough but worth it so far. I started out around 181 and currently am down between 172 and 171. It has been awsome watchin my body transform over these past 9 weeks and i am so excited to get on stage...
  9. Big VIC

    Great Layne Norton Contest Prep Article .

  10. jwill0214

    Dexter-The countdown and Prep

    August 31, 2009 The Countdown and Prep! So, I think at this point everyone is beginning to be anxious! With one of the toughest and most competitive line-ups I think I've ever been in, having something to lose makes me want it more! I've been blessed with my genetics and my career; and with the...
  11. jwill0214

    Dennis James talks about his prep 4 weeks out of the olympia

    4 weeks out of the Big O !! the countdown to the final 4 weeks has begun. I'm back home for a week now and my training is going really,really good. I'm back to my old style heavy training like back in the days for atleast 2 more weeks before I drop it down a bit. I'm injury free and super...
  12. Big VIC

    Evan Centopani - Off Season Cooking and Eating - Prep for NY Pro: Part 1

  13. D

    Kai Greene Video Blog: Glute Workout Part2 - Prep for the Arnold

    Link: http://mdtv.musculardevelopment.com/content/view/1897/218/
  14. thicknasty

    Polumbo's complete contest prep guide

    Just got this from a buddy of mine who worked with Dave for the Nationals a couple years ago. It's got everything; diet, supplements, AAS and cardio. This is for a 200lb man: meal#1 5 omega 3 eggs meal#2 40 gram protein shake with 1 1/2 tbs. peanut butter meal#3 6 oz. chicken breast with...
  15. SiCK

    SiCKS' Contest Prep Log for October 25th Show

    Contest is in Oct 25th, national qualifier. Ill try to put pics on this log once a week. target weight class: light heavy stats: 220lbs, 34in waist, 12ish bf Today thus far: 1145 - meal 1; 10oz breast/bbq sauce 130 - back wo 300 - meal 2; 8oz chicken/oats 530 - meal 3; 9oz tuna 745 -...
  16. El Freako

    Franco Columbo - contest prep for 81 Olympia

    http://domvog51.sport.fr/623656/Video-Mister-Olympia-81-preparation-de-Franco-Colombu/ Pretty shitty vid quality. Apparently from a video a friend of Franco's made about him.
  17. F

    GHB for contest prep.

    Has anyone tried it or used it for contest prep? I've done some research on it and now have a clue for what purposes some bodybuilders use it but I was wondering if anyone here had tried that stuff and benefited from it in one way or another...
  18. pussybutt

    My Contest Prep

    Started my contest prep Febuary 23, 2008, 10 weeks out. Chest/Front Delts, trying to bring up my chest and roundness to my shoulders. Log; Decline Bench Bar x 20 135 x 15 185 x 12...
  19. SiCK

    SiCK's Contest Prep Log

    Yep, about 16 weeks out right now. Im 5-7 at 197ish, about 11-12ish % BF. Ignore that pikachu and messy dresser :shootme: Ill try to keep this updated weekly.