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david ortiz

  1. KaiGold

    David Ortiz On WFAN: ‘I Never Used The Steroids’

    NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — David Ortiz insisted again Monday he never used illegal performance-enhancing drugs during his 20-year baseball career. Ortiz appeared on Mike Francesa’s WFAN show to promote his new book, “Papi: My Story.” Francesa asked the Red Sox great, who retired after last...
  2. tkD

    Ronnie Coleman 1998 vs 1999 Mr Olympia - Back lat spread progress!

    Ronnie Coleman, back lat spread progress 98 (left) vs 99 (right) Mr.Olympia. Greatest of all times! [#]Ronnie Coleman[/#]
  3. P

    greatest story ever told (bongo has a long night)

    http://blogs.abc.net.au/localradio/2009/10/the-pilliga-princess-.html LOL
  4. yair2210

    greatest back in bodybuilding history - Coleman

  5. MrChewiebitums

    The Greatest Bodies - Documentary

    TLC documentary from 2001 that follows male and female bodybuilders leading up to the 2000 Arnold Classic. The Greatest Bodies of ALL Time
  6. Lionheart

    160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes

    This is awesome:rofl3: pDxn0Xfqkgw
  7. P

    Greatest movie of all the times

  8. tkD

    Ranking the all-time greatest Nationals champions

    by Flexonline, As we approach the 2009 NPC Nationals, to be held at the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa in Hollywood, Florida on November 20-21, it's a fitting time to look back on past Nationals competitions, and more specifically, past Nationals winners. We've ranked the ten greatest NPC...
  9. sexnews

    Greatest 2009 Olympia Fear

    We have now had various prediction threads, but in the end nobody really knows who will win etc. What is your greatest fear? Mine: 1) Jay Cutler winning 2) Heath not living up to all the hype 3) Kai and Vic competing in the best shape of their lives and not even getting the callouts they...
  10. FuManChu

    Greatest Fake-out?

    So the video 'Greatest Freakout Ever' where the kid shoves the remote up his ass... That was pretty good :rofl3: Well now theres new ones, and the latest one makes me think that its all staged: rO6G6_hndbk Kinda makes me sad that i subscribed :doh:
  11. R

    Greatest waterslide jump ever!

    Pretty effective fake if it is: lkwh4ZaxHIA
  12. P

    The greatest meltdown in existence

    pTUtETu09oQ :soapbox:
  13. P

    The greatest cover ever

    twvdypF4pUg suck at signing? Blame the internets. :doh: pnCdiy8EiTU
  14. dilatedmuscle

    Greatest Arnold Pic

  15. P

    Possibly the greatest movie poster in the history of movie posters

    Eddie Murphy giving the finger and holding a cigar in the other hand while handcuffed to Nick Nolte.
  16. P

    The greatest living actor today

    We all have our favorites but what makes an actor great is versatility.
  17. Pickle

    Australia's greatest athlete.

    Interesting concept. Shame its more about fun then actual skill testing. Anybody caught it? (Tim,Kurt,Dryden, Chesty Im mainly talking to you. ) Today they had a bench press challenge and it was the biggest joke. They let the AFL player win and he was the only one not touching his chest on...
  18. Tech

    Greatest picture on teh internets...

  19. D

    Tribute to the greatest bodybuilding's rivalry: Jay x ronnie -the guest posing thread

    Hey, buddies... Here's a collection of Jay and Ronnie's guest posing pics since 2003 (only pics they're near each other)... Only time will tell when we will see again something like that I hope you like it, friends! :borat: 2003/ 2004
  20. El Freako

    50 Greatest Comic Book Characters

    Just for interests sake. Its given me a few suggestions of titles to look up. Can't say I'm happy about you-know-who as number one though.