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dehabah sylvester

  1. KaiGold

    Dehabah Sylvester charged with dwi

    Dam, I don't know how a pro bodybuilder can be drinking like that. It is so bad for the body! N.J. bodybuilder, Dehabah Sylvester hit with DWI near Newark Airport after cops found her in car with flat tire, eating cake! BY Graham Rayman NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Monday, June 19, 2017, 4:36 PM...
  2. Robcardu

    Ultra labs Human Growth Complex

    What's your thoughts about this? a buddy has been using and said was good..mmm i dont know amigos... http://www.damuscle.com/p/UL08
  3. Zigurd

    Ultra diet (trying not to die)

    Since a long time, let`s say 1 year, I have been unable to get rid of the fat in my lower abdomen. I had a lovely 4 pack, then I bulked up and when cutting down I got to a miserable 2 pack... and now, not even using old methods of cutting I have been able to get at least my 4 pack running. I...