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dennis wolf

  1. MuscleMecca Crew

    How Much is Dennis Wolf Worth?

    Dennis Wolf is a German IFBB bodybuilder and he lives in Las Vegas since 2012. He has won several competitions, including the Arnold Classic, and has placed in the top five at the Mr. Olympia competition six times. Wolf's height and size give him an advantage over many of his competitors, and...
  2. rxmuscle

    CATCHING UP WITH DENNIS WOLF! Olympia Picks, Life, Etc!

    Bodybuilding legend Dennis Wolf joins RXMuscle's Siddique Farooqi at the 2021 Mr. Olympia. Wolf talks about what he's up to in the post-retirement phase of his life, living in Las Vegas, and why Vegas is the new bodybuilding Mecca of the west!
  3. MuscleMecca Crew

    Dennis Wolf Training for the 2018 Arnold Classic

    First, a note of thanks to The King Of Lurkers for posting this in the Dennis Wolf Updates thread! It is true! Dennis Wolf will be competing in Las Vegas at the 2018 Arnold Classic! This is huge news! Go Wolf!!!
  4. underbody

    Bad news... big Dennis Wolf injured

    Dennis Wolf may be injured! Please check back here for up dates and if you here anything on Dennis Wolf's current condition please post as soon as possible. We hope the best for Dennis!
  5. TalkAdmin

    Four of the best supplements for fat loss and lean muscle growth

    Four of the best supplements for fat loss and lean muscle growth If we had the choice, 9 out of 10 of us would have a much bigger and more muscular body, with much smaller body fat percentages. Many of us would ideally like to be at around 10% or less body fat, with large amounts of lean...
  6. COACH

    Dennis Wolf Updates and Pics

    The official Dennis Wolf thread! Find everything about pro bodybuilding legend Dennis Wolf right here! Wolfy & Iris Kyle Guest Posing Trinidad July 09 2011 Dennis Wolf Pro List Page and Bodybuilding Bio Dennis Wolf Dennis Wolf - Trinidad 2011 Guest Posing Image #1 Dennis Wolf Iris Kyle -...
  7. T


    Hello everyone i had a question about what and where I can get the best cheapest supplements that I can find. i am new to bodybuilding and right now i am trying to lose weight and get cut at the same time i am 6' 380 33yrs with a gut!!! This is the heaviest Ive ever been in my life ive tried to...
  8. D

    Best and worst tasting supplements your've tried

    what are some of the best and worst tasting supplements your've tried
  9. P

    How much do you spend on supplements a month?

    Since supplements are crazy expensive right now, how much do you spend on them?
  10. curtisymoo

    Choice on Joint Supplements?

    are there any stand out joint supplements you stand firmly by/ used for a long time? i need suggestions because after going through several, they don't seem to do much
  11. tkD

    Dennis Wolf 2007 vs 2010 [New York Pro]

    3rd in both shows, but where did he looked better? Did he improved? What's your input on this? Pics used: Dennis Wolf - 2007 NY Pro Dennis Wolf - 2010 NY Pro Routines '07 vs '10:
  12. Fatality

    Some questions on possible supplements.

    So, I've been currently taking Whey Protein - Gold Standard, Creatine Monohydrate and a Multi-Vit. But a trainer, whom I asked also recommended a few more. Such as; Nitric Oxide like NO explode, ZMA. I did some research and all, and to be honest, the only thing that ACTUALLY looks promising was...
  13. jwill0214

    Christmas supplements

    My dad is giving me a $300 dollar gift card for supplements for christmas. I plan on starting my first real true bulk in three weeks. I was wondering what supplements you think I should get with this. I could just get about 3-4 months worth of Optimum Nutrition protein. I kind of want to get...
  14. P

    Supplements and Sexx

    :headbang: Can all those suplements and substances makes someone sterile, are those chemicals affecting sperm production? No offense to bodybuilders but the ones I seen have very big muscles and very very very tiny small male organ is this due to a special effect on the muscles or all the...
  15. tkD

    Dennis Wolf: back training - Road to the Olympia

    Dennis Wolf in Las Vegas for some back training, 1 Week out the 2014 Arnold Classic. After his 3rd place finish at the Arnold Europe held in Madrid Spain, the Wolf is back and in the hunt for a first place finish in Columbus.
  16. tp_88

    Dennis Wolf Trains Delts: Road to the Olympia

    Dennis Wolf - Back Workout 2009
  17. robert.gaskins4

    Muscle Building using Organic Supplements

    Body builders are moving towards organic muscle building supplements giving up the fad of using steroids and steroid-like HGH and other drugs. New body builders are realizing the harmful effects of using steroids on their body. In this article, we will first discuss why you should avoid using...
  18. K


    what supplements are great to use i have seen maximuscles promax extreme it would be helpfull for advise:shakefist::shakefist::shakefist::shakefist::shakefist:
  19. sexnews

    Save Our Supplements

    Special report from the nutrition and dietary supplement industry‘s most exclusive conference Unbeknownst to the millions of consumers who rely on nutritional supplements on a daily basis for optimal health and peak performance, a cadre of top-level executives and leaders in the health...
  20. COACH

    Two Dietary Supplements Said to Contain Steroids!

    Two Dietary Supplements Said to Contain Steroids By MICHAEL S. SCHMIDT and NATASHA SINGERJULY 23, 2009 Two over-the-counter dietary supplements that anti-doping officials say are popular among high school football players contain steroids, according to court papers filed by federal authorities...