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  1. yourmuscleshop

    78% Steroid Users Won’t Admit Using Them

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  2. yourmuscleshop

    How Much Muscle Will I Gain on Steroids?

    The substances used, the user's genetics, exercise, and diet will all have an impact on how much muscle they will add while using steroids. Because Anavar has a mild anabolic effect, muscular growth may only reach 15 lbs. However, one cycle of trenbolone can result in 30 lbs of lean muscle...
  3. A

    All about Dianabol and its effects

    Dianabol Summary In the world of bodybuilding, Dianabol is one of the most popular steroids. Dianabol steroid was created before the 1960s and is the second steroid on the market after testosterone. Its reputation is due to its rapid actions in increasing muscle mass. Dianabol is composed of...
  4. xtacy

    Animal Nitro

    ive just started using this product.what do you guys think of it?is it good?