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dietary supplement industry

  1. KaiGold

    Court issues important decision for dietary supplement industry

    Introduction On April 18 2017 Judge Vasquez granted summary judgment to Bayer in a consumer class action over its probiotic dietary supplement Phillips' Colon Health in In re Bayer Phillips' Colon Health Probiotics Sales Practices Litigation.(1) This important decision should help to rein in...
  2. Tech

    Whats happening internet friends?

    Message boards still exist? Am I doing this rite? lol. Remember when we used to post silly things and make fun of eachother for no reason...? I remember when me and Robert Pain were teenagers spending hours on bodybuildingdungeon. Now we're like 30 years old. lulz. :xmaskekegay:
  3. Natzo

    Dennis Wolf and Robert Burneika Back Workout

    Dennis Wolf - Back Workout
  4. Adam23

    Robert Burneika - 2009 Nationals Photoshoot

    Robert Burneika - 2009 Nationals Photoshoot
  5. Adam23

    Mark Alvisi and Robert Burneika Talk about the Ride to the 2009 Nationals

  6. Adam23

    Robert Habeeb Trains Chest 2 Weeks Out from the 2009 NPC Nationals

    Robert Habeeb Trains Chest 2 Weeks Out from the 2009 NPC Nationals! Find out where he's been hiding these last 10 years! http://www.rxmuscle.com/videos/iatraining/941-robert-habeeb-trains-chest-2-weeks-out-from-the-2009-npc-nationals.html
  7. Adam23

    Robert Youlles Prepares for the Easterns

  8. dilatedmuscle

    Robert Burneika 2 weeks out!

    Dont know if its a repost but he looks AMAZING! i hope he does well. His posing is horrendous FrdT6Uq0fN8 Here's Robert in 06, he was much smaller O7xxTGQxcBg
  9. tkD

    Robert Burneika -In the iron Asylum- 8 weeks out from the Nationals

  10. Adam23

    Super Freak Bodybuilder Robert Burneika

    this guy is huge !!! check it out guys :thumbsup2: /v/mlVqjt0SUWY&hl=en&fs
  11. tkD

    Robert Burneika prepares for the Nationals!

  12. Flex

    Dennis James[1st place] vs. Robert Piotrkowicz[5th place] - Europa

    Sure, Dennis James came in better than the Tampa show. But, he was not even close to the best in this show. Another undeserved win for DJ, he may just be the most hated bodybuilder in bodybuilding if he continues getting these free wins. Robert Piotrkowicz was not only easily worthy of top 3...
  13. dilatedmuscle

    Robert Burneika USA's preview

    Robert Burneika posing and training, he seems to be more ripped than in previous contests. http://mdtv.musculardevelopment.com/content/view/2205/244/
  14. tkD

    Robert Burneika in the "Iron Asylum"

  15. Ironslave

    Robert Gates to remain Secretary of Defense under Obama

    I love being right about "change." Gates expected to stay on as Obama's defense secretary * Story Highlights * NEW: Some say Gates represents continuity; others say he's an obstacle to reform * Source says Robert Gates staying on is "all but a done deal" * Joe Biden announces...
  16. T

    What do you think of Robert Mugabe and what he has done to Zimbabwe!

    The son of a bitch has lost the elections by seats but now he wants to do a run-off election.......the son of a bitch is going to rig the votes again so i guess there is no chance for a new government in Zimbabwe and Mugabe is going to take that counrty to the roots! I think outside powers such...
  17. created by pain

    Robert Piotrkowicz - World Champion from Poland

    He is 2006 world champion under 100kg 2007 world champion - overall Athletics Berlin! 2007 elite tour Kaliningrad 2007 elite tour Tallinn 2007 elite tour marseille 2007 and many, many, many, many other ; ) He won everything what is possible in amateur bodybuilding World Championship 2007...