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dorian yates.

  1. underbody

    Dorian Yates today

    Here is Dorian Yates in 2016! Dorian Yates!
  2. El Freako

    A collection of russian powerlifting/strength routines with xls.

    Just thought I'd post them up for people to look at since quite a few of us are interested in them or are in the process of doing them. Smolov Squat Cycle Apparently a 13 week soul-destroyer. I think you need to be mental to do this one. I'm trying it next year [ 2 spreadsheets:
  3. T

    Boris Sheiko cycles - nifty .xls

    If your priority is strength atm you should give this a try. I recommend that you start out with the "beginners 1" cycle. Plot your PBs in and your good to go. Enjoy :food-snacking: