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eduardo correa

  1. underbody

    Watch Eduardo Correa Pro IFBB and Patrick Tuor in the gym

    Watch Eduardo Correa, Pro IFBB and Patrick Tuor SST(sarcoplasma stimulating method) coach in the gym in New York for a heavy quads training session.
  2. TalkAdmin

    Do you guys game with XBox or PC?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone here uses XBox live or if anyone plays World of Warcraft? I am working on a social type customization for the profile section.. This info would help.. Also, if anyone wants to donate towards a new article database page we need money and articles.. I need about...
  3. Skeptic

    Mr. Olympia 2010 Elimination Game

    Troy Alves 20 Melvin Anthony Jr 20 Jay Cutler 20 Erik Fankhouser 20 Toney Freeman 20 Kai Greene 20 Marcus Haley 20 Phil Heath 20 Dexter Jackson 20 Johnnie Jackson 20 Victor Martinez 20 Evgeny Mishin 20 Robert Piotrkowicz 20 Craig Richardson 20 Ronny Rockel 20 Ben White 20 Branch...
  4. tkD

    NY PRO 2010 - elimination game

    I can't believe I forgot about these mecca games before a show, so hopefully it will be over before they announce the winner tonight lol. Okay so here is the list (only 15 points for each of them and 10 competitors, so it will finish fast): Dennis Wolf - 15 Toney Freeman - 15 Roelly...
  5. Natzo


    That's why MOURINHO is a genius! he beated barça in the first leg for 3-1 in Italy. he already knew he could not win in Spain and he orquestrated an almost perfect defense game, à la Italiana very cinical mind game. Beatifull strategy. For 40 years Inter have dreamed with this day. they left...
  6. P

    Game Show FAIL

    :rofl3: wAs_NJtLWMM
  7. R

    My Life - the Iron game

    Just a few pics of me and the gym in my basement where I get after it! 16 years old in the shredded pic, at 185 pounds, 18 yrs old bulk pics, at 235
  8. D

    Top 10 Posters Elimination (Game)

    Same rules apply, either (-2) or ( +1 and -1) can be used can only vote after 2 people have voted after your last vote Top Posters Pain - 15 Rocky - 15 Tech - 15 Clint - 15 Hypocrisy86 - 15 DriDDeRz - 15 Robcardu - 15 Line - 15 Chesticles - 15 Kingdeadlift - 15
  9. smcfay

    Closing Game Crazy stores begin clearance sales this weekend [update]

    For all my gamers out here near a gamecrazy this will be good. Source ps3fanboy.com The 200+ Game Crazy stores expected to close by the end of October will begin a liquidation sale, starting this weekend. Locations expected to shutter have received boxes and a list of items that are to be...
  10. Flex

    Xeno Tactic 2 (Game)

    Some of you may remember the first Xeno Tactic from this thread... https://musclemecca.com/showthread.php/215526-Xeno-Tactic-2-%28Game%29?highlight=Xeno+Tactic Well here is Xeno Tactic 2! It's fun & very challenging. http://www.onlinegamesquad.com/index.php?1401-1 This is how I beat the...
  11. 2

    How Much Can you (Game)

    Alright... basically 1 guy posts a workout, and you name how much can you do example if I say 'Bench Press' The following poster puts his max bench, and names another workout, and the following poster repeats... So I'll Start Leg Press
  12. FuManChu

    This game is pretty addicting...(Snake of the Future!)

    http://www.random-good-stuff.com/game/game/fl-tron-2.0/ I can get up to the 3rd stage... It gets hard :umwtf:
  13. P

    Mr.Olympia 1998 Elimination game

    You all know the rules. Ronnie Coleman - 11 Flex Wheeler - 11 Nasser El Sonbaty - 11 Kevin Levrone - 11 Shawn Ray - 11 Chris Cormier - 11 Lee Priest - 11 Günter Schlierkamp - 11
  14. P

    Mr.Olympia winners Elimination Game

    You all know the rules. This time, its going to be a quick game. Larry Scott - 10 Sergio Oliva - 10 Arnold Schwarzenegger - 10 Franco Columbu - 10 Frank Zane - 10 Chris Dickerson- 10 Lee Haney - 10 Dorian Yates - 10 Samir Bannout - 10 Ronnie Coleman - 10 Jay Cutler - 10...
  15. P

    The Ctrl + V Game

    Whats saved in your clipboard? Paste away. :turborun:
  16. P

    word Association game - Bodybuilding Related

    Everyone knows how to play this game. You can only use words related to bodybuilding. I'll get it started. Steroids
  17. P

    Mr.Olympia 09 Elimination Game

    RULES: Every time you vote, it must be 1 postive point and one negative point or 2 negative points. No more 2 positives. You can only vote again after 2 people after you vote. You must copy the updated list into your post, or your vote does not count. Under the list, please note what changes...
  18. D

    The $17,500 video game

    The $17,500 video game Link: http://videogames.yahoo.com/events/plugged-in/the-17-500-video-game/1332488
  19. Big_Guns_Lance

    UFC Game

    This game is doing my headin atm. Ive got a 49 wins and 57 losses. I should have something like 80 wins and 57 losses. The amount of times ive won and people who ive played have fucked off just before the game saves the stats etc. I don't no if they leave because there sore losers and or they...
  20. P

    IMDb Top 250 -- 3 Strikes Game

    *Game copied from blu-ray.com forum. Rules: Ok, here's a simple game. Starting with the #1 movie on IMDb, scroll down the list until you get to a movie you haven't seen. That's strike 1. Then continue on down the list until you get to a 2nd movie you haven't seen. Strike 2. Then do the same for...