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edward diget

  1. MuscleMecca Crew

    71 Year Old Bodybuilder Edward Diget

    I hope I am still pumping iron at 71 like Edward Diget who has been doing martial arts for 55 years! He has also been pumping iron for 35 years! He is currently a PT(Physical Therapist) and the oldest one in the UK! Here is Edward Diget recently:
  2. tkD

    Doug Miller - recent pics

    Here are the latest, few days out, pics of Doug Miller a natural pro. His conditioning is insane!
  3. L

    Gym Pet Peeves?

    Let's have a little fun with this topic. What are some of your most hated pet peeves while at the gym? and GO!
  4. tkD

    David Hoffmann wins the 2014 German Nationals!

    David Hoffmann won his class and the overall at the 2014 German Nationals. Such a classic physique! Amazing.
  5. W

    Spanish FREAK Junior Bodybuilder Cristobal Guerra 23 Years Old

  6. saamies

    New Zhasni - Most inspirational bodybuilder ever.

    Kai Greene - Most Inspirational bodybuilder ever I made this video beacause I feel really sorry for Kai Greene after Olympia. This video is for my favourite bodybuilder KAI (Champion of MIND)GREENE !!!
  7. Anabolicus

    Bodybuilder beats down contest judge

    In before someone says ROID RAGE!!!
  8. D

    MuscleMecca: Name a PRO bodybuilder or powerlifter that has motivated you recently

    Name one or two pro bodybuilders or powerlifters that has recently motivated you lately
  9. Big VIC

    John Hodgson - Bodybuilder

  10. T

    Bodybuilder Space looking for a team!

    Bye. Bye.
  11. tkD

    Bodybuilding tribute video - I'm a bodybuilder

  12. Natzo

    I bodybuilder revealed - Workout scheme

    Months ago I made a thread about this new program by Tib. in T-Nation, here ----> the workouts and vids are now released and explained in more detailed version. here is the link to the workouts and vids. Go through the days of the week to see the different workouts. (what do you think of this?)
  13. Adam23

    IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Melissa Coates Returns to Train at Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym!

    IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Melissa Coates Returns to Train at Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym! Find out where she's been and who she's been wrestling! http://www.rxmuscle.com/videos/iatraining/939-ifbb-pro-bodybuilder-melissa-coates-returns-to-train-at-bev-francis-powerhouse-gym.html
  14. Adam23

    Bodybuilder Chris Cormier posing in 1987

    here is an old vid of Chris !!! /v/CbVBnzZwb8c&hl
  15. T

    What inspired you to become a Bodybuilder?

    I'd have to go back when I was 15, I had always watched Arnold Schwarzenegger's movies and was facisnated about his size and perfection of his body how awesome it was. Watching Conan The Barbarian ignited a flame of burning passion to become a bodybuilder and to pursue my dream of building a...
  16. Adam23

    Super Freak Bodybuilder Robert Burneika

    this guy is huge !!! check it out guys :thumbsup2: /v/mlVqjt0SUWY&hl=en&fs
  17. D

    Johnnie Jackson Defeats Ben White at the 2009 Olympia Worlds Strongest Bodybuilder!

    http://www.rxmuscle.com/videos/c-interviews/800-johnnie-jackson-defeats-ben-white-at-the-2009-olympia-worlds-strongest-bodybuilder.html An incredible battle...o well JOJ is king now i guess:turborun:
  18. Adam23


    all natural, hard work :borat:
  19. PistolPete

    Pistol Pete-Teen Bodybuilder of the week

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to show you all how we represent on the boards of Musclemecca.com! I'm actually twenty now, when I applied I was 19 (it was April I believe), but they took forever to finally showcase me on the website.
  20. Adam23

    19 years old bodybuilder Alexander Fedorov 260 lbs

    Rare footage of Alexander Fedorov !!! check it out guy's :thumbsup2: