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elias trevino

  1. KaiGold

    Vitamin shop owner found guilty

    By Eddie Cruz Elias Trevino plead guilty before a Federal Judge Monday morning. A product called "AMP'D UP" was sold at a store that was managed by Elias Trevino. CORPUS CHRISTI - A 33-year-old man has pleaded guilty to selling dietary substance knowing it contained misbranded or...
  2. TalkAdmin

    10 time Mr. universe, Sazali Samad bodybuilding Profile

    Datuk Sazali Abdul Sama was born in Datuk Sazali Abdul Sama on 08/10/1967. He is a Police Sun Inspector and has 3 sons and a daughter. Sazali started training sazali is Jahafar Tun Abdul Rahim, Mohd Salim Mat Salleh and Buda Anchah in 2007 for the SEO games in Korat. Sazali Samad has had am...
  3. dilatedmuscle

    Essa Obiad, 2009 Europa Dallas VS 2009 ASC Amateur

    Essa Obiad, 2010 Europa Dallas VS 2010 ASC Amateur Is it just me or is his right arm completely different in each show? and his shoulders look a even more odd in the ASC.. Im guessing he oiled up at one point of his carrer. I left the spaces black when there were no pictures of that pose from...
  4. Member70353

    Pittsburgh Amateur Winner

    Seth Feroce, 2009 NPC Pittsburgh Light Heavyweight und Overall Champion, 24 y/o, height: 5' 6", weight: 198 lbs, trains at World Gym, Cleveland:
  5. R

    Very Funny amateur bodybuilder

    Bodybuilders be like by Bahij Kaddoura
  6. L

    Bodybuilders and Fitnnes Argentina Arnold Classic Amateur 2009

    Franco Dominguez-Jose Ponce-Rita Bello- Viviana Casarubbia-Romina Lameiro y Paula Frega.
  7. Z

    Alvin Small- Arnold Classic amateur

    Was frist in the heavyweight class at the 2008 UKBFF British Championships. 280lbs at 5'11". His site: http://www.thebiguniverse.com/alvinsmall/
  8. D

    The Creator(Michael Hildebrandt) Makes it on Amateur of the week BB.com

    Link: http://www.bodybuilders.com/amateur.htm Congrats bro!!
  9. COACH


  10. tp_88

    Martin Kjellström and Ahmad Ahmad amateur guestposing

    Martin was 144kg and will be competing in Atlantic City Pro next. Ahmad was about 85kg(!) and will do the Los Angeles Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships 19th of July. info, pictures and videos from http://forum.body.se
  11. Mr.Olympia 2008

    Alicia St. Germaine 1 week out Arnold amateur

  12. Matze

    David Walli German Amateur 23 years old

    David is a 23 years old german amateur. in about 12 weeks he will compete for the first time at the male class (maybe 3 or 4). you can download his first video for free at http://www.team-andro.com/download-co3341.html enjoy
  13. Mr.Olympia 2008

    Chris Jalali 3 weeks out / Amateur ARNOLD CLASSIC

    Future pro? He is 25 y/o btw.