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  1. yourmuscleshop


  2. Hypocrisy86

    Anyone ever try Ryse supplements?

    I've been drinking Ryse energy drinks for a while now, and just recently picked up their powder version Ryse Godzilla. Adding photo. This stuff ( at least for me) has worked wonders.. Kinda pricey for a pre-workout supp, but the ingredients are preem. 56.99$ for 20 servs with 2 scoops. Or their...
  3. R


    Is fasting a good nutritional intervention with regard to optimzing the body's exercise capabilities? It fine tunes the body metabolism by slowing it which cancels the effect of fasting no doubt but just like physical rest, it renews the physiological processes in the body making it more energy...
  4. tkD

    Ronnie Coleman - 2,300 lbs Leg press video!

    The good old days of bodybuilding, when Ronnie was just insane and broke records every time. The famous leg press video from "Cost of Redemption" DVD. Yeah buddy!
  5. formaldeide

    Yevgen Yarymbash Shatters All-Time Records

    this guy is amazing and only 25 year old "Ukrainian Yevgen Yarymbash, 275, returned to the platform last weekend to shatter a number of all-time records at the IPA affiliated, UPO, Battle of the Titans 2 held in Mangush, Ukraine. The 25 year old Yarymbash totalled an all-time 275 class high of...
  6. P

    Dark Knight breaks sale records.

    Blu-Ray records that is. http://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=2184
  7. skid9832004

    Personal records thread

    Hey, guys i just wanted to make a thread were if you do something in the gym that you think you should be proud of and just need to put it out their that you achives something that day put it here:xyxthumbs: Today i benched 205lbs and broke my previous record of 195lbs im 17 and weigh...