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ernestine shepherd

  1. MuscleMecca Crew

    79 year old bodybuilder, Ernestine Shepherd!

    79 Year Old Bodybuilder Ernestine Shepherd is still going strong and she is most likely the world's oldest female bodybuilder! She started bodybuilding with her sister Mildred at age 56 because she thought they could get a world record. Her sister died though and Ernestine kept on going...
  2. Big VIC

    Boston safe from teh Zombies!!!

  3. Tech

    Greatest picture on teh internets...

  4. Essensen

    Teh log of Essensen

    Hey MM :tiphat: Another dane is hereby starting a log on mm :coolguy: I have been a member for at while now (just haven't been posting much) and think MM is an awesome forum and want to contribute to the site. I'm starting this log for a number of reasons - first of all: I'm getting kinda...
  5. Big VIC

    Beware of teh MRSA

    Introduction Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection is caused by Staphylococcus aureus bacteria — often called "staph." Decades ago, a strain of staph emerged in hospitals that was resistant to the broad-spectrum antibiotics commonly used to treat it. Dubbed...
  6. T

    .oO| Teh Crown JEWels |Oo.

    Hey fellow warriors of iron.:hello: I've chosen to start logging my training in this forum, because there seems to be a lot of friendly and knowledgeable people present. The forum (a Danish forum) I've logged my lifts in so far is very anti-doping oriented - which is fine - but sometimes it...