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eslam elmasry

  1. MuscleMecca Crew

    Some Top African Bodybuilders

    These are some of the best African bodybuilders! Adesoye Femi is a Nigerian bodybuilder known across the continent. He has participated in many competitions several of which he has actually won (for example, Real Man Nigeria 2011). Many Nigerians adore him, because he is their compatriot...
  2. Natureboypkr

    Natureboypkr "Stylin and Profilin" log wooooooooooo

    CHEST/SHOULDERS DAY BENCH PRESS Warm up 135lbs x 10 225lbs x 6 245lbs x 4 Working Sets 380lbs x 1 225lbs x 20 225lbs x 15 225lbs x 10 DUMBBELL INCLINE 3 SETS OF 6 WITH 120LBS DUMBBELLS FLYS 3 SETS OF 6 WITH 55LBS DUMBBELLS MILITARY PRESSES 135LBS X 15 155LBS X 10 175LBS X 6 175LBS X...