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  1. R

    When should one exercise after eating?

    I read an article which stated that in a person exercises in the immediate period after eating, the stomach will not case for the food. I don't know the mechanism behind this but when should one resume eating after exercise?
  2. R

    Improving your efficiency

    Basically, the more one exercises, the more the efficiency of the body improves especially in the area of weight loss. Authorities in this area espouse not gaining weight in the first place is far much better than working to lose it. I have learnt that fasting increases efficiency by improving...
  3. R


    Jogging is a good way of maintaining peak performance of the body throughout the day. In my country, there is a govt official who died recently at the age of 68 and used to jog 6km daily and he was as fit as a fiddle. Its a good exercise for senior citizens since its not strenuous and is...
  4. R

    Avoiding fruits

    The body does not process fructose the same way as glucose. When the liver holds its maximum amount of glycogen, it ceases processing fructose to glucose by the production of the enzyme phosphofructoskinase which converts fructose into fat denying the muscles of glycogen which is required for...
  5. R

    Bathing before exercise

    Bathing before exercise is quite good because it opens and unclogs the sweat pores. One feels rejuvenated and endurance increases. Most people tend to be of the opinion that bathing is reserved for post workout. Try and see the difference.
  6. R

    Exercise programs

    Like most people I have problems adhering to exercise programs. If its not waking up late, it is feeling lethargic or even procrastination. It seems that good things are not easy to achieve. Others find it an uphill task to follow dietary recommendations given by sports nutritionists. Most...
  7. Jasmin Cottontail

    What Are Some Best Exercises to Lose Weight Faster?

    I'm currently doing cardio hip hop while on the Military Diet and was thinking if there are any more ways or exercise to add to burn calories faster and to lose weight faster? I would want to lose weight faster but in a healthy way as well.
  8. Big VIC

    Melatonin Reduces Acute Mental Stress and Reduces Blood Coagulation

    D-dimer is a marker of fibrin formation in the blood. Fibrin is a protein involved in the clotting of blood. Rupture of a coronary plaque and subsequent thrombosis marks the core transition from stable coronary artery disease to an acute heart attack. Previous studies reported higher D-dimer...
  9. tim290280

    Acute stretching

    Thought this was extremely relevant after the poll in the training forum. Strength and Conditioning Journal: Vol. 28, No. 6, pp. 66–74. Stretching: Acute and Chronic? The Potential Consequences Mike Stone, PhD, Michael W. Ramsey, PhD, and Ann M. Kinser ABSTRACT Stretching is commonly used by...