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fake bodybuilders

  1. KaiGold

    Fake ass bodybuilders in the most homoerotic antigay protest of all time

    Look at these idiots! I do not know who labeled these guys as bodybuilders but it wasn't me! When bodybuilders get together, it’s usually to discuss smoothie recipes and compare fabrics for competition posing trunks. But a recent meeting of muscular minds in Indonesia had far more sinister...
  2. brendan

    Denis Sergovskiy pics

  3. S

    Denis Sergovskiy

    Does anybody know if Denis Sergovskiy is going to compete at the next Ironman?
  4. 2JACKED

    Off season with Denis Sergovskiy Las Vegas

    What up bbing peeps, here are some recent photos of my closiest friends in the world IFBB pro Denis Sergovskiy. Here we are in Las Vegas Golds Gym working out chest. Denis is in prepping for 2009 IronMan Pro.
  5. HackerCy

    Denis Sergovskiy

    Russian bodybuilder Denis Sergovskiy trains at a gym and gets filmed by a friend during two recent photo shoots in Las Vegas. ok apart from the fact that his videos look kinda gay, i think he has a good physique
  6. Daniel Andersson

    Denis Sergovskiy out of the IRONMAN Pro

    That sucks.... "There were rumblings earlier in the month about Denis Sergovskiy competing in the IRONMAN Pro. Many people didn’t know how he had been granted pro status last year. Denis has been training for debut at the IRONMAN however he has injured his back and will not be competing in...