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  1. R


    Is fasting a good nutritional intervention with regard to optimzing the body's exercise capabilities? It fine tunes the body metabolism by slowing it which cancels the effect of fasting no doubt but just like physical rest, it renews the physiological processes in the body making it more energy...
  2. G

    New Years Resolutions for 2015?

    Does anyone have a personal goal that they want to accomplish this year? My goal is to continue to stay healthy while training as hard as I do! I don't want an injury, I don't want to get sick, I don't want to miss a day in the gym. Not a bad idea right? Welcome to a New Year everyone.
  3. COACH

    Personal Trainer gets fat to understand clients :-))

  4. MrChewiebitums

    quick questions for personal knowledge

    What is the difference between the amino acids sold in a container specifically stating amino acids and a tub of whey protein? dont they.. in the end both consist of amino acids? what is the difference?
  5. HATER

    Personal Trainer

    Hey guys, i've been thinking lately that i should go for my personal trainer certification, but i'm not sure what are the more popular/recognizable ones. Is there any personal trainers on this website that can share info with me??, I'm living in canada.
  6. sexnews

    New Jersey Wants Restrictions on Personal Trainers

    I thought all they needed was a big blue ball!!! :borat: Fitness professionals in New Jersey may have a few changes coming their way in ordered to be licensed trainers. Senator Paul A. Sarlo introduced the Fitness Professionals License Act in New Jersey on October 23. The new requirements to be...
  7. H

    Personal Trainer

    Hey boys & girls! When I joined these boards It was from a interest in the art of Bodybuilding and Personal Training. Since some time back I made a promise to step up on a stage infront of a crowd. I've also developed a dream to become a personal trainer, hopefully I can afford the education...
  8. skid9832004

    Personal records thread

    Hey, guys i just wanted to make a thread were if you do something in the gym that you think you should be proud of and just need to put it out their that you achives something that day put it here:xyxthumbs: Today i benched 205lbs and broke my previous record of 195lbs im 17 and weigh...