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  1. MuscleMecca Crew

    Why fish & beef may be your best nutritional diet for body building

    Bodybuilding might sound daunting to some of us. But it’s just a simple workout plan with small tips that optimize your efforts, so today, let’s talk about the two things to include in your diet to get the best possible bodybuilding results, fish, and meat! Lean fish! Fish is the best...
  2. philosopher

    How does you post workout shake looks like

    Mine 30gr dextrose 30gr whey protein
  3. H

    post workout shake with oats or not??

    a personal trainer at my gym said that by putting oats in my post workout shake i was slowing down the absorption of protien and was counter active. I get wat hes saying but wasnt sure if its true ??? could someone give me some more info pls...
  4. Zigurd

    Protein shake question.

    In another forum some guys told me that mixing a protein shake with anything but water was wasting the whey. I usually always drink my protein shake with fat-free milk, but they said the milk had a different absorption rate and so the whey would get wasted and blah blah blah Does this hold any...
  5. M

    Post workout protein shake. What do you think??

    This is my post workout protein shake. Let me know what ya'll think. Thanks Protein shake- 3 egg whites, 2 scoops of body fortress whey protein, a banana, and a cup of ice blended Do ya'll think this is a good meal for after a workout?
  6. youngmusclejock


    Let the controversy begin.
  7. MrChewiebitums

    protein shake Q

    this kind of Q is a bit hard to ask by writing, since its a bit long + complicated, take pity on my poor aching body currently i take Gold standard (ON) (AFAIK the main diff from other shakes is the added glutamine) now i have the chance to go to a diff shop and he will give me discounts on...
  8. D

    naNO Vapor Warning- Do not Shake, explosive

    Wow.... i didnt think the WARNING Label was so serious....
  9. G

    Legs Shake

    When I do my leg extension, my legs shake pretty bad.. No matter what weight I use, they still shake. Anyone know why this happens?