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  1. A

    How does Anavar act on our body ?

    What is Anavar? Steroids affect our physical performance and physique. People in the sports and fitness world use them to improve their performance. Anavar, also known as Oxandrolone, is an anabolic androgenic steroid (or AAS). Bodybuilders use it in bodybuilding doping to increase dry muscle or...
  2. P

    Least favorite bodypart to train?

    What day do you dread the most or just find dead boring?
  3. F

    Your favorite hamstring exercises

    Hey boys As the headline says, what is your fav. hammie exercise? I truly love the romanian deadlift - but I'm starting to look for substitutes (:
  4. Flex

    My favorite teams > yours

    Below I'm listing my favorite team for each sport, how they did last season, how long they've been my favorite team, and why they are my team. Nope, I'm not a bandwagon fan. Football Who - Pittsburgh Steelers Result - Super Bowl winners How long - Since 1994/1995 Why - I live close to...
  5. O

    Add your favorite Muscle-Tube.com videos in this tread

    Cutler olympia 09: cutler 22 years old: Cutler Tribute:
  6. Flex

    My favorite parts of the Olympia...

    My favorite part of the Olympia was from 0:01 until 0:20 in this video... X-J9MUdDsms Something about watching Kai train gets me pumped to train. I'm looking forward to his first DVD, which will be the only bodybuilding DVD other than "One Step Closer" I've ever bought. It's too bad there...
  7. Flex

    Favorite Children Movie Song?

    We all grew up watching Disney movies. What are your favorite songs from them? One of mine... ZSS5dEeMX64
  8. Daniel Andersson

    Your favorite summer beverage?

    So which one is it? One of mine is:
  9. P

    Favorite Oliver Stone movie?

    Pretty much obvious what everyone will vote for.
  10. D

    Favorite Kama Sutra position?

    What's Your Favorite Kama Sutra position? The Butterfly Side Saddle Cowgirl Raised Missionary Lazy Doggie Reverse Spoon Stand and Deliver The Plow Reverse Cowgirl Classic 69 Reverse Stand and Deliver Rocking Chair Classic Doggy The Crab Classic Spoon...
  11. PrinceVegeta

    What is your favorite internet site/activity

    What is your favorite internet site/activity after musclemecca of course Mine is facebook and msn :thumbsup2:
  12. Line

    Favorite Silent Film

    Often ignored, the silent works of the 1920's (and before!) are as important to cinema as anything else. It's generations ago, sure, but many of our more contemporary concerns about government, class, and religion are still addressed, possibly more directly so. The lack of the term "political...
  13. P

    Favorite Coen Brothers Movie?

  14. P

    Favorite Scorsese Movie?

  15. P

    Favorite Guy Ritchie Movie?

    Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Snatch Revolver Rock N Rolla
  16. M

    What's your favorite workout song?

    Mine is Your Love. What is your favorite song to work out to? LbfDMDSO-6E
  17. P

    Your favorite movie based on true events?

    List_of_films_based_on_actual_events My favorite movies based on true events. The Elephant Man Escape From Alcatraz The Great Escape The Longest Day Saving Private Ryan Schindler's List GoodFellas Zodiac The Pursuit of Happyness The Last King of Scotland Hotel Rwanda Touching the Void...
  18. P

    Favorite Ridley Scott movie?

    Which movie of Ridley's do you like the most?
  19. P

    Favorite Batman movie?

    and don't say TDK just because of the joker. :bitelip: liAb3t7eySA
  20. P

    Your favorite Quentin Tarantino movie?

    Which film by Quentin Tarantino do you like the most?