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flex wheeler

  1. Joe Pietaro

    2023 Arnold Classic Recap - Top Heavy Show

    The 2023 Arnold Sports Festival, ne: Classic, is in the books and it was a very encouraging weekend for the bodybuilding/fitness industry. After a few years of Covid-related smaller crowds, things seemed almost back to normal and it was refreshing to see, indeed. Between the expo and a very...
  2. Bodybuilding News

    Flex Wheeler suffers because of a doctor!

    Many people have been filled with dread because of medical disasters. And for the last two months, famed bodybuilder Flex Wheeler has been forced to endure this horror. Even after undergoing several operations and spending time in the hospital, the athlete has been plagued by the severe negative...
  3. MuscleMecca Crew

    Flex Wheeler health updates.

    Hey guys, I hate to say this but Flex Wheeler doesn't look good now. Flex Wheeler revealed in October that he had Covid-19, which had left him in serious renal failure. In March, the legend had another treatment to restore his back. Given the amount of operations he's had to undergo, the...
  4. MuscleMecca Crew

    Who Is Andrew Jacked?

    The beauty of the bodybuilding industry is that people from across all races and continents have the opportunity to showcase their potential without discrimination like Andrew Jacked has.. Recently, Andrew Jacked has been gaining more popularity in the bodybuilding industry. Chinedu Andrew...
  5. MuscleMecca Crew

    Flex Wheeler Covid update

    Flex Wheeler has been in the hospital for about a week fighting Covid. Tonight I heard he is in kidney failure. He had a kidney transplant about a year ago. I hope he can beat this virus. More coming soon..
  6. Kayce

    Flex Wheeler, winning when it matters

    Bodybuilding is an art (or can we say a sport) that gets nicknames so used to you, and yes the popularity too. Well over 98% of professional bodybuilders, just like other celebrities, have one nickname or the other to them. Our hero for today is no exception. The Shadow. Born Kenneth...
  7. underbody

    Flex Wheeler hospitalized

    Flex Wheeler has been kept under observation due to stomach pains according to a report on the website ronnie.cz and Shawn Ray.
  8. underbody

    Rare amazing pics of Flex Wheeler 10-12 weeks out the Arnold '98

    Rare amazing pics of Flex Wheeler 10-12 weeks out the Arnold '98 (Thanks to Chad Nicholls - made with Polaroid)
  9. Adam23

    Flex Wheeler hard body

    Flex Wheeler Hard Body
  10. D

    Flex Wheeler: Mass Construction DVD

    Flex Wheeler: Mass Construction
  11. tkD

    Flex Wheeler vs Ronnie Coleman 1997 Arnold Classic (videos)

    Flex Wheeler at the 1997 Arnold Classic. Ronnie Coleman fast forward to 0:43 for Ronnie's routine Flex won the show, and Ronnie placed 4th.
  12. brendan

    flex wheeler (2000 MR.Olympia)

    i think this is the biggest flex i've ever seen.(contest shape) Flex Wheeler's posing routine from the 2000 Mr. Olympia- preceded by an interview segment.
  13. P

    Flex Wheeler Mass Construction