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franco columbu

  1. rxmuscle

    Franco Columbu, Frank Zane, Bertil Fox Stories

    Newcombe discusses some classic stories from Gold's Gym, including Frank Zane and Franco Columbu; as well as how one can go about making money in bodybuilding
  2. Bodybuilding News

    Franco Columbu, bodybuilder and Schwarzenegger friend, dies | International - The Sun Chronicle

    ROME (AP) — Italian bodybuilder, boxer and actor Franco Columbu, one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s closest friends, has died in his native Sardinia. He was 78. Columbu died at John Paul II hospital in the city of Olbia after he became ill while swimming in the sea, the hospital said. He lived in...
  3. MuscleMecca Crew

    RIP Franco Columbu

    RIP Franco Columbu. He just passed away. More soon. Franco was 78.
  4. KaiGold

    Franco Columbu Pics and News

    Add your Franco Columbu pics!
  5. underbody

    Franco Columbu will be in Italy!

    Franco will be in italy last weekend of august!
  6. underbody

    Happy bday Franco Columbu!

  7. tkD

    The Franco Columbu Files

    Franco Columbu scans from flex magazine coolsanta