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  1. R

    Avoiding fruits

    The body does not process fructose the same way as glucose. When the liver holds its maximum amount of glycogen, it ceases processing fructose to glucose by the production of the enzyme phosphofructoskinase which converts fructose into fat denying the muscles of glycogen which is required for...
  2. Anabolicus

    Pudzianowski vs. Butterbean

    According to Wikipedia, Pudz should be fighting Butterbean on September 18. Thoughts? Personally I think that Pudz will get slaughtered again, Butterbean has way fiercer attitude than him. Imo if he loses this one, which he will, he should definatly consider quitting...
  3. Savjav

    The Best Of Mariusz Pudzianowski

    sorry if its a repost... guys a freak tho 3K1iKh86dCw
  4. Natzo

    Marius Pudzianowski training (with Deadlift)

    :thumbsup2: Epf4bXDj2TY think this one is repost but.. PovBRpNpetU OZc6J89b1-E
  5. COACH


    For those who follow the WSM Contest - Mariusz won yet again. Mariusz went into the final event, the atlas stones, 1pt behind the then leader USA's Derek Poundstone. In the final event Mariusz blew past Derek and took the title by a 5pts margin - it wasn't even close. Mariusz ended up with...
  6. philosopher

    Pudzianowski - The dancing queen

    This is his hidden talent:keke: 85V4kjSoHXw
  7. K

    Mariusz Pudzianowski HELP HELP PLEASE

    hi im looking to buy Mariusz Pudzianowski dvd is there one and what is the title of it please help thanx