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  1. MuscleMecca Crew

    Ghana’s weightlifter targets Gold at the 2017 Commonwealth Youth Games

    Ghanaian weightlifting prospect, Christian Amoah, has reiterated his zeal to make Ghana proud by winning gold at the Commonwealth Youth Games to be held in Nassau, Bahamas from July 19 to July 23, 2017. Amoah who is ranked sixth in Africa and 29th in the world, arrived from USA last week after...
  2. pegasus

    1994 Charlie Rose interview of Sir James Goldsmith

    5064665078176641728 A very interesting interview with Sir James Goldsmith in 1994, where he predicts how free trade agreements will come back to haunt the developed world. He also predicts that credit default swaps will devastate the financial system! Excellent interview. Watch the first and...

    Milos Sarcev - trening 1994 god.

  4. Adam23

    Top 6 Mr Olympia 1994

    i think kevin should've been 2nd, and shawn ray 3rd !!! check it out guy's :thumbsup2: /v/OAysRZz25-s&hl
  5. tkD

    Dorian Yates 1994 FIBO

    I think it was posted before, the youtube version, but this one's quality is better imo. http://clips.team-andro.com/view_video.php?viewkey=9f340bde656363ebd02f for a quality comparison, here's the youtube version
  6. tkD

    Dorian Yates at 1994 English GP

    Dorian Yates, England Grand Prix 1994 From YouTube: Born in Sutton Coldfield and raised in Hurley, England, Dorian Yates grew up without a passion for sports. Instead, he turned to a life of crime after being badly influenced at an early age. At 16, in 1980, Dorian joined a skinhead gang after...