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giuseppe ippolito

  1. KaiGold

    Giuseppe Ippolito closing in on a record!

    Giuseppe Ippolito is about to break a record! I know some American bodybuilders that probably beat him though. Check out his urine sample! Italian bodybuilder found with 14 banned substances ... buthe's not worst offender Italian bodybuilder Giuseppe Ippolito is closing in on a dubious...
  2. bambam55

    lol Wow wtf

    Came across this and thought it was hilarious http://www.articlebliss.com/Art/306323/234/Prohormones-A-Body-Building-Drug.html Way to use Prohormones: Prohormones are easily available in the medical stores. Prohormones are available of many brands and they can be in various forms such as...
  3. PrizeFighteR

    Konstantinovs Deadlifts 939lb with no belt

    Mod feel free to move if necessary, thought it would get more views here. Konstantinovs, Latvian AWPC cap, 2 deadlift 426kg(939lb) RAW, no belt 1006kg(2217lb) total, 128 kgBW
  4. COACH

    Clarence Devis 3 wks out ..WOW!

  5. COACH


  6. D

    Mum cancels sons WoW Account & kid goes crazy

    :49: :49: :49: :49: @ 1:10 second mark :49: YersIyzsOpc
  7. brendan

    Pavol Jablonicky (wow)

    he's got Dorian's quality muscle type. Ct6RSuKMkrA
  8. HATER

    WOW - underworld of ants

  9. pretzeL

    perceptive pixel video display (wow!)

  10. COACH

    WOW ..24 INCHES !!

  11. COACH

    Who is currently owner of the wow factor ? - vote !

    .. Who is now the owner of the WOW factor .. and next mr. Olympia ?
  12. X

    johnnie jackson new clip deadlifting 765 for 2 reps in OFFSEASON wow

    IFBB Pro bodybuilder Johnnie Jackson deadlifts 765 pounds for two reps at Stroud's Fitness Center on June 9, 2008. Johnnie plans to compete in a powerlifting meet later in June, 2008, before competing in the IFBB Europa Pro Bodybuuilding Championships in Dallas in August, 2008. in 2 weeks hes...