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greg kovacs

  1. Bodybuilding News

    Greg Kovacs vs Morgan Aste

    I had not heard of Aste until recently. Many say he is (or was at some point) the heaviest bodybuilder in the world. Was he heavier and stronger than Kovacs? Like Aste (if he was/is the heaviest), Kovacs was in his prime the heaviest bodybuilder in the world. Click here to view the full article.
  2. Bodybuilding News

    RIP Greg Kovacs

    Musclemecca Bodybuilding Feeds - Your source for Bodybuilding News in the Muscle world! http://www.rxmuscle.com/articles/latest-news/9725-greg-kovacs-dies-at-age-44.html Canadian Bodybuilder Greg Kovaks died today of heart failure at the age of 44. "The Strongest Bodybuilder Alive" won his...
  3. sexnews

    Greg Kovacs

    I know, I know he has ruined his body and looked VERY bad in his last contest, but I like him and wanted to post some pics of him. I also liked his video. One big, strong mofo. There will also be some bad ones, but there was a time when he looked pretty good. Of course he was the one who put...