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gregg valentine

  1. MuscleMecca Crew

    MuscleSport TV Network Pilot (Gregg & Joe TV Show)

    Have you guys seen our very own Joe Pietaro's new show? Most of you probably know Joe from MD magazine and from here! He is a regular posting member and also writes Bodybuilding By Joe! Check out his new show with Gregg Valentine! Support our bud and subscribe and like his video! It is awesome...
  2. TalkAdmin

    Can bodybuilding Save Your Life?

    50 year old bodybuilder, David Prescott was diagnosed with liver cancer 4 years ago. He had tumors in his liver and intestines! He was in the hospital and lost 27 lbs and half his liver was removed! he also had 57 staples holding his body together. He said bodybuilding is what gave him the...
  3. D

    Your Favourite Simpsons Character?

    Mine would have to be a toss up between Home and Moe
  4. Chesticles

    WWE Changing Umaga's Character, New Star Debuting Next Month

    -- WWE's thinking about letting Umaga cut his own promos on television. There have been discussions regarding the possibility. People are buzzing backstage that Umaga will reveal his ability to speak English soon. -- Former TNA wrestler Ron Killings should be debuting on television next month...
  5. RonWid

    Movie/Role Character That Fits Jay

    I have been thinking this for a quite a long time now,however,after Jay's retirement as a bodybuilder and if ever Jay wanted to go acting, what do you all think is the best role for him in a movie?Discuss as well folks.thanks