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gregg valentino

  1. MuscleSport TV

    GREGG VALENTINO, Rory Leidelmeyer, Victor Richards 1981-'82 in Gold's Gym WOWED ME

    In this episode of "Chaos Nutrition Presents Old School Training," Gregg Valentino shows you some old bodybuilding magazines and he talks about his days in GOLD'S GYM VENICE. One question was who impressed Gregg the most back in the day there. Another question was about ACNE and why do some...
  2. MuscleSport TV

    Gregg Valentino on Arnold Schwarzenegger's Training Secrets and more

    In this episode of "Chaos Nutrition Presents Gregg Valentino Old School Training," Gregg Valentino speaks about Arnold Schwarzenegger's training secrets, the same techniques Gregg himself has employed since 1972 when he first began bodybuilding. Additionally, Valentino speaks about the best...
  3. MuscleSport TV

    Gregg Valentino and - Danny Padilla 1970s Training

    In this episode of Chaos Nutrition Presents Gregg Valentino Old School Training Talk, Gregg answers a question about Danny Padilla's training back in the 1970s. Also how to lower estrogen and raise testosterone naturally. And will TRT raise your testosterone levels and will it be safe to take...
  4. MuscleSport TV

    Gregg Valentino Explains Mike Mentzer's HEAVY DUTY Training System

    Gregg Valentino Explains Mike Mentzer's HEAVY DUTY Training System To Build a Monster Body CHAOS NUTRITION PRESENTS OLD SCHOOL TRAINING IS BACK! This is real old school, not like the fake stuff on YouTube. Gregg Valentino was in Gold's Gym from January of 1980 to March 1983 and in those...
  5. rxmuscle

    Gregg Valentino Opens Up about his haters

    Special guest Gregg Valentino joins Dave Palumbo and Lesley Timbol on an all-new episode of Iron Therapy.
  6. MuscleMecca Crew

    Welcome Gregg Valentino!

    Gregg Valentino is in the Musclemecca house! As you guys may know our very own Joe Pietaro who writes a popular forum here called Joe Pietaro on Bodybuilding has a show with Gregg called the Gregg and Joe show on MuscleSport Tv. Joe also has the best bodybuilding magazine in existence, called...
  7. tkD

    Cedric McMillan trains Delts @ 2010 Muscle Camp

  8. Salt

    Evan Centopani Trains Delts.

    Evan trains shoulders and The House spots
  9. Natzo

    Seth Feroce Trains Delts

    Seth Feroce Trains Delts
  10. tkD

    Victor Martinez - In the Trenches (delts & biceps)

  11. Svartberg

    Lack of pecs - delts taking over?

    Hey guys This has been a problem for me for the entire time i've been bodybuilding. I have really small pecs. Yeah. Nothing works on them, volume, density, drop sets, intensity, various rep ranges and whatever. Now I've had this theory the last couple of weeks, that it might be my delts and...
  12. Adam23

    Robbie Lopez Trains Delts 1 Week from the 2009 NPC East Coast Championships!

    Robbie Lopez Trains Delts 1 Week from the 2009 NPC East Coast Championships! Find out where the 3x USA runner-up has been these past 5 years!
  13. Beau

    Evan Centopani and PJ Braun Train Delts

  14. Big VIC

    Gayle Moyer Trains Delts 2 Weeks From the IFBB Atlantic City Pro!

  15. Flex

    Kai Greene trains delts - Road to Olympia

    Was just put up on MD one minute ago!
  16. tp_88

    Road to the Olympia: Branch Warren Trains Delts

  17. 8thWonder

    Branch Trains DELTS

    Some more training with Branch , Delts at Gold's http://http://mdtv.musculardevelopment.com/content/view/2155/241/
  18. Natzo

    Rodney "Raw Power" Roller Trains Delts

    Check those Presses of 200lbs! http://mdtv.musculardevelopment.com/content/view/2014/225/
  19. M

    What Needle For Delts?

    I injected in my quad the other day and it seemed to be infected, so i'm sticking with glutes and shit. What size need do people use for delts? I just used a 25g for delts, was a smooth injection. Didn't hurt much. Or should i use the 23g for the delts? Does it matter?
  20. B

    For rear delts (need help)

    I was training my rear delt (last time) bend looking downward for 25 to 28 reps because it doesn't hit my rear pretty hard. Am i doing it in wrong way? I need to be enlightened in here because my rear delt is seriously one of my lagging body part and i don't have machines at home to do it...